Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rayyan & Sport Day!

Well, the event was held on 19.5.13.

I was too busy last month and didn’t blog it out. Sorry son!


The event took place at Rayyan’s kindie compound. A simple 2-hours event. I was on the other hand pretty excited coz the kindie didn’t organize any Sport Day for them last year. I wonder how it would be.

Marched in
Rayyan holding red flags!

All four teams

Music instruments performance

Rayyan performed very well on that day. He was fast and quick to finish his games. However, most of his team members were quite slow. Alahahaiiii…

Rayyan in actions

Ryanna the great supporter of Rayyan! :D

Medal giving away session

Looking at the score board, we knew that Rayyan and the Red team got the last place. Green team was the Champion followed by Yellow and Blue team.

Rayyan with his medal
Bottom  middle : with his BFF I guess! Hahahaa
Bottom right : with Ms. Foo

It’s ok son! You are still the winner to us! *hugs*


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    1. ya ba.. sampai anty2 sy bilang.. kasi jemur spy hitam la ba sikit c koko (nama rmh c rayyan) ni.. hahaha!!

  2. Saya suka kids' activity sharing macam ni.. Thanks Just!

    1. cute ba tgk gelagat dorang kan.. hihihihi


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