Thursday, July 04, 2013

Rayyan & 1st Sem (5yo)

My colleague went to her kids' school to sign report cards this morning.

Now I realized that I haven’t blog out Rayyan’s report card for last semester. Hhuhuhu…

No more exam for kindergarden students? Hmmm…
Means there will be no more marks or grades given. Punya la tidak siok!

"satisfactory" consider excellent to me!
Well done Rayyan!

I still think that it is good to have the marks/grades and even the ranking in the class. At least, you know your child’s level.  Ngam ka tidak? 

Oh btw, Rayyan has got his Chinese name given by the teacher.

莱恩 = Lai En = Rayyan

Ohh.. I miss my Chinese name!! *wink*


  1. Yon!!!!! Your handwriting sgt kemas. Well done Just.. you make a good mom ❤

    1. kemas sbb sy duduk sblah and jaga dia menulis. hahahahah.. klu nda, mau capat seja dia kasi siap homework dia trus tu tulisan pun bidaa... hehehe... we all make good mom ba Fay! :D

  2. cantiknya just tulisan rayyan...!!!

    1. cantik sbb aku duduk sblah dia jaga dia menulis. klu nda.. naa.. tulisan cakar ayam sdh tu. mau kasi siap cpt spy buli main game.. haihhhhh...


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