Monday, August 05, 2013

IFTAR @ Restoran Asmara Penchala

My first outing IFTAR was last Saturday!

From day 1 fasting, I only break fast at home. Bukan apa.. mmg jenis makan sikit terus kenyang. So, rugi makan di luar. Hihihih…

But, last Saturday was an exception. Hubby and his siblings planned to break fast together. Bandar Baru Sentul and Pandan Indah bukan jauh mana pun, tapi jarang2 jumpa. Huhuhu… So, yeahh.. why not kan?!

IFTAR took place at Restoran Asmara Penchala, Kg Sungai Penchala. Thanks BIL for the reservation. Btw, it’s buffet style which cost us RM35/pax. Ok la kann…


We reached there 15 mins before breaking fast. My siblings-in-law just arrived and has managed to get themselves some foods. Barisan semua panjang2 mau ambil makanan. Buffet stail macam ni la. So, I just get myself drinks first and ate some kueh before lined up for foods after breaking fast.

Lupa pula mau snap meja time bnyk makanan di meja.
Nyway, foods served at the restaurant are Malay cuisine.

Kids with the aunts and uncle

Top : Rayyan with ibu-nenek and daddy

Hubby and siblings + MIL + kids
Blur pula pic ni!!

Overall, the kids are so happy to be out-of-home and meeting their aunts, uncle and ibu-nenek. *wink*

3 more days before Raya… How’s your Raya preparation??

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