Friday, September 06, 2013

Flashback Friday #11

Langkawi July 2008 - belated 1st yr wedversary
Owh.. I miss Langkawi!
Really wanted to visit Langkawi again...
I was preggy that time, hence no island hopping... no visiting Makam Mahsuri...
However, glad that we managed to experience the 2.2km-cable car!
Definitely will bring mom and kids to visit Langkawi in near future... 


  1. I kinda miss Langkawi. Been a while since I last visit there. :)

  2. blm pernah pi sana lagi ooo...teringin mau pigi..nanti lah klu ada rezeki kan Just..heheh

  3. i miss Langkawi too. last time i was there is when i was 7. haha..

  4. Sa blm pernah p sana. Hrp2 ada chance next time :)


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