Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MIA Updates

Not so much into blogging lately… *sigh*

Maybe because there aren't many things happening lately…  Just routine… I guess I just share some recent photos la…

Shoe for hubby! Asked him to pick one. Of coz I let him know my budget. Hehehhe..
So, that was my first purchased at Zalora.
Oh, Zalora is damn express!
I ordered the shoe at 5++pm, on Friday and we received it on the very next day  at 11++am!

Less than 24 hours!

Top : With Lia, ex-colleague at my place
Bottom : Beraya at Lin's place, with Lia and Tunung.

Office's Raya-Lunch

We were enjoying ourselves after packing up stuff for new carpet installation

Date with Tunung at Times Square last Saturday and belated buffday treat for her

Bumped into my ex-classmate, Merlinda.
So, it was our first photo since 1997?!

Till then... Cheers!

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