Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rayyan and Exam (5yo)

Rayyan will be sitting for his 2nd term assessment (exam) next week.

As what I did for him last year, I did the same thing again for him this year and yeah… I’ll continue the doing the same thing for as long as I can to help him in his study. I bet all mommies are doing the same thing kan?

Every week, they will be given a set of 3 to 4 or sometimes 5 words for spelling for Malay, English and Chinese subjects. So, it’s my duty to ensure Rayyan is able to memorize those words. So far, he is good in spelling!

Chinese 听写 ting xie 
Same goes with the coming assessment. I’ve been helping him to memorize all the words since last week.

These are for the coming assessment next week

I also prepared some exercise for Maths and Chinese subjects.

His Math is improving!

Oh! Mind my chinese writing! Am never good in writing chinese!

Am glad that Rayyan enjoys doing all the exercise prepared by his mommy! *wink*

Sibuk mengira!! Hhihihihi...
 All the best son! Chayok chayok!!


  1. Kasian sia pnya budak2, mami dia busy saja teda masa mo kasi ulangkaji :(
    Goodluck for Rayyan xo :)

  2. Good Luck Rayyan..You can do it..:-)

  3. Bagus.... nie berkat mummy dia sibuk ajar tuisyen la nie.. chaiyokk rayyan :D

  4. rayyan so adorable! Focus btl da counting hahaha


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