Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rayyan’s 5th Cake!

Nothing special… Rayyan got his cake on his buffday nite, after we had our dinner. It’s already 10pm++! Pheww..

Orange-Choc Cake

Happy birthday Son!

Guess what.. I had mistakenly deleted some other photos taken using our digicam! Geram!! Some other photos taken using my BB were blurry… *sigh* Tepa la.. nasib baik ada yg photo yg ok utk kenang-kenangan…

Nyway, we ordered extra cake for Rayyan to bring to kindie the next day, as what we did last year. This year, we packed party bags too..

For the party bags...
Tengah-tengah malam me and mom tekun pack 40 party bags. Hehehhe…

Psst… Ryanna will be enrolling kindie too next year! Oh my daughter!!


  1. Waa...Buat party birthday di school lagi...mesti siok kan..ramai kwn-kwn..heheh

  2. Once sudah masuk kindie mcm wajib buat di sekolah kan Just.. we don't want them to feel leftout sebab throughout the year ada saja classmate or schoolmate celebrate bday di sekolah :)

    1. Ya ba... specially tu party bags.. kwn2 lain semua ada kasi party bags.. so, sy pun buat la jg. hahahah


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