Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rayyan : Class Photo (5yo)

Collected Rayyan's report card, class photo and all his study materials (text books, exercise books, drawing, etc) throughout the year, last Wednesday.

I am sure Rayyan can be spotted easily! I wonder why he was so excited! Hahahaha...

He looks chubby here!

Earlier on, his teacher made some complaints that Rayyan always talk-non-stop to whoever sit next to him during lesson and ignore the teachers. He also tends to play around and didn't complete his exercise at class, and ended up meniru! Gosh!! I was quite upset bout it. Hence, I asked the teacher to let him sit alone in the class. Hah! Surprisingly, teacher says he behaves better and more focus during lesson. Of coz, we are happy for the feedback.

Semester 2 year 2 report card

Overall, Rayyan has improved a lot compare to 1st Sem. Some of the 'average' areas in 1st Sem has 'upgraded' to 'satisfactory'. Good job boy!

We will always pray for your success in every single things that you are up to, my son!

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