Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rayyan's Concert Day (5yo)

Rayyan proudly graduated from his 2nd year kindie last Sunday! It was a simple event, yet we knew that all the teachers have gave their very best to ensure all pupil involved.

Pot luck foods! We brought wedges.

Graduation speeches in 3 languages

Alisan Dance & Pop Yeh Yeh

Ten Little Indian Boys
Semangat si Rayyan!

I Like To Move It and Drama (Boy and Wolf)

Tepuk amai-amai


My friendly-Ryanna always happy and easy to mix around with her brother's friends.

Since there is no more exam (refer to this post), so there is no more rank in class for the students. However, the teachers have arranged some competitions i.e. colouring, writing, spelling, etc. Naa.. Rayyan didn't get any prize for all the competitions. Most of the winners are girls! Hahahaa... Hope my Ryanna are one of the winners next year! Yayyy...

We are kinda excited for all programs next year as Rayyan and Ryanna will be involved. *wink*

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