Thursday, November 07, 2013

Sis Mouren in da house!!

Oh yeahh… Sis Mouren was here in KL with her BFF for a vacay from 1/11 to 5/11. So, meet-up is a must!

Some plans didn’t work out, i.e. a day trip to Melaka and lunch with CathJ at Pavilion. So, we all met up at Times Square last Saturday. It was already lunch time when we all gathered. So, lunch it is!

I was quite worried when CathJ decided to have lunch at Tokyo Kitchen! I never had Japanese cuisine in my entire life, naaa.. not even sushi!! Matai!! *sweating*

Happy sbb ada menu yg masuk tekak! *wink*

Thank God… the curry-ebi-rice (lebih kurang macam tu la nama dia) has saved me! *melampau betul owh kan*

CathJ even brought a cake for us! Promoting her cake for Christmas la tu… *wink* The sponge-fruit-cake really taste good! Tidak manis. Tidak bikin muak. Thought of make an order for Christmas, unfortunately CathJ is going back to Sabah weeks before Christmas. Hmmm…

Cute kan??! As cute as it tastes! You won't regret!

The lunch took us about 2 hours before we start with shopping! CathJ off with her family. From Times Square, we went to Sg Wang and BB Plaza and hugged goodbye to Sis Mouren. They are going back to their hotel for some rest.

We were here!

Wendy, CathJ, Sis Mouren, Tunung and me!
Tokyo's Drift Kitchen Babe!

Me and Tunung continued menyukat Sg Wang as I was hunting for purple dress. Another wedding to attend on 1/12 back in my hometown! Oh yeahh.. I’m going back to hometown again, the 4th time for this year! Gheeezz.. pecah rekod!

Sis Mouren, Tunung and me!
Btw, Congrats to cousin Lydia for the newborn baby girl, Elisah Eve! Can’t wait to see you cuzz!


  1. Best kan bila dapat jumpa kawan2 yg jarang2 dapat jumpa...... :D


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