Monday, December 30, 2013

23rd & 24th December 2013

This entry should be my last entry of this year...

I had great time on my birthday and a day after my birthday this year... 

Would like to thanks my colleagues for the lunch treat and also cake sponsored by my superior. 

Lunch at Cozy Corner

Cake arrived! Special delivery gitu! :)

Strawberry Chocolate Crepe

The next day, it was Christmas eve... the company was generous to give us early release. We were off at 2pm. Karaoke we went! You wouldn't believe me.. this was my first time karaoke-ing! Ok, there was once years ago with my cousins in Labuan, but i guess the concept is slightly different.

4 dara pinggitan! Hehehehe

Sporting anty! Ahaks...

Having great time!!

Karaoke is just not me... I can sing but please don't hand me the mic coz I'll be mute with mic! *sigh*

Anyway, we all had great time together!!

To everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014. 2014, please be nice to us! 


  1. Happy New Year! I remember the blouse you are wearing to karaok.. You wore that to the blogger gathering at Fullhouse hehe

    1. Happy New Year Dora!! Hahahah.. last minit pnya plan kan... kalau nda, mana mau pakai baju yg sama kenen. hahaha... I still owe u k.. :)

  2. Yuhuu Just! Wau bestnya celebration.. Happy New Year yaa! Hope the brand new year will bring more blessings to you and your family ^^

  3. Waa...Enjoy oo...Happy belated birthday Just.. :-)

    1. Hahahha.. sekali sekala release stress kan.. hihihihi... thanks! :D

  4. Hi Just,
    HNY! Happy belated birthday, lmbt wish tapi yg penting ikhlas ♥♥♥

    1. Hi Fay! Thanks! Happy New Year to you and family too! :D


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