Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mix-Colour Theme Wedding!

Hope it's not too late for me to wish my Christian's friends A Very Merry Christmas  to you all. Hope you all had great time celebrating Christmas yesterday.

Oh my... been 'away' for quite some time... huhuhuhuh...

For comeback, let me share some photos during my aunt's wedding on 1 Dec 2013.

I missed this moment. Due to some technical reasons, we showed up quite late. Huhuhuh...

The couple were about to change to their next outfit when we arrived..

Mom and her same-parent-siblings

The couple with siblings..
Red is for siblings....

Myself with ex-classmate
It was our first time met since SPM! Pheww...

The siblings again

Aunt's niece and nephews were to wear purple
Belum cukup quorum lagi ni.. huhuhu

Family pic with the couple
The kids (grandchild to my aunt) were to wear blue
Colourful gitu kan..

To aunt and uncle, Congrats! Hope your life together will be filled with joy, happiness and lots of love!

My 78yo-Ingkung (Granddad) in action! A strong and healthy man!

Aktiviti wajib bila di kampung, makan sagu ramai2!!

Of coz there were hundreds of photos captured. But, i guess the above pun cukup la. Anyway, it is always good to gather with families kan? ^_^

There will be another wedding in June next year. Hope we can make it too...

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  1. theme dia mmg merah ka sis just?.. hehe.. u look great :)


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