Monday, November 24, 2014

On MC..

It's my last day of working today, for this year.

I'll be on MC starting tomorrow. 
My mastectomy surgery will be on wed, 26/11/14. 
This round, I'll do it at HKL. 

I pray that it's the same type of cancer, so that I don't have to go through chemotherapy again. 

Pray for me guys.. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ryanna & Year-1 Kindie

My little chicky girl graduated her 1st year of Kindie at the age of 4yo. 
Two more years to go girl. 
Teacher highlighted that she is kinda poor in writing. 
Still need to work hard on that. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rayyan & Ryanna Graduation Day 2014

It was such a relief to see Rayyan put on his convo robe, after 3 years in kindie. And of coz it was Ryanna's first convo, without her robe. Hehehe...

Held on 9 Nov 2014 at kindie's compound. Luckily, the weather was ok!

Upper pic : Welcoming the graduates
Bottom pic : Rayyan won 2 trophies this year
2nd runner up - Folio
1st runner up - colouring (scroll down)

Performances by the kids

The moment that we have been waited for 3 years.. 

Top left : Rayyan & Khadijah
Bottom left : Adrian, Arthur & Rayyan

Top left : Rayyan & Arthur
Bottom pic : Ryanna and her BFF - Mei Mei

Last but not least, BIG THANKS to Teacher Chong, Teacher Foo & Cikgu Nurul for your guidance. 

We are so proud of you, kids!! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

MAKNA Founder's Night Run 2014

3rd run! And it was my first night run.. Not really run, due to my condition.

Nyway, registered for the run a month before and of coz before the bad news.. Despite whining, I decided to proceed with the run walk. Life goes on kan, no matter what.. 

The 10km route took place at Presint 6, Putrajaya

We were kinda worry with the bad weather for the pass few days before the event. Hujung tahun.. biasa la, hujan seja. In fact, it was raining heavily few hours before the event start. Luckily, time run tu tidak hujan. Phewww...

For this run, one of the gang joining along, Tunung. But, she joined for the 15km run, which started 20mins earlier than us, me & Lin. Memang tidak jumpa pun along the way sampai la finishing line! Hahahaa.. 

Geget medal tu harusss... hihihih
Myself ranked 821 out of 951 runners! Timed 2.08 hours.. Fuhh..

Macam biasa, we had fun along the 10km walk... talk & laugh.. 

Before balik rumah, supper dulu! Lapar hokey... My first ever cheese nan! Hahaha.. Nyummy!

Personally, I think.. night run lagi best! Hihihi..

There will be no run activities for temporarily. Operation day is round the corner + recovery period. Pray for me guys..

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Rayyan & 6th!

Well, life goes on... 

Nyway, here some photos taken on 24 Oct 2014. It was my son's 6th birthday! Glad that hubby was here for the birthday. Unfortunately, he didn't make it for cake cutting at kindie.

Packing party  bags

The usual practice is we order two cakes. One for kindie and one for home. But this time, we decided to go with only 1 cake. I purposely took leave that day and went to their's kindie for the cake cutting. Since this will be his last year in kindie, why not kan?!

Happy birthday boy!! 
May all your tomorrows be blessed with everything good in life! 
We love you and will always do! 

Can't wait to see you in your graduation robe this coming Sunday boy!

Weekend with daddy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WW ~ Recurrence

The result was out on Monday
As expected, it's a RECURRENCE case!
I was well prepared for the result coz doctor has kinda confirmed it by looking at my condition before my biopsy.
Thanks God hubby was here few days ago for my son's birthday.
Imagining myself to go thru hell again, I felt terribly bad!
But I guess, I have no choice but to accept the fact.
I'm sure I will be ok.
This time I'll promise myself to take EXTRA care of myself..
Pray for me guys..

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CT Scan

Phewww... penat sikit pagi ni... 

I went for a CT Scan at HKL before I rushed to office this morning. 

Paling tidak suka itu IV! Huhuhu
Oh btw, I need to finish that bottle before I had the CT Scan.
Taste sangat tidak sedap... grrrr...

The process took less than 15mins.

Before that, I had a minor operation last Friday, 24 Oct 2014. The day-care-procedure is sort of biopsy procedure. 

For the 20-mins-LA-Procedure, I have to stay at the hosp for half a day.
A big thanks to my BFF for the company that day! I owe you a lot my friend!

Let just wait for the result before I rant further k. 

Till then, pray for me kio! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Step A of going back hometown..

Its been more than 2 months... tapi, baru sekarang rasa mau share..

At the moment, PJJ with hubby. He is now working in KK. 

To be honest, I'm ok with it. Tapi, kesian sama anak-anak. 

"Mamy, bila daddy balik?" 

"Mamy, koko ingat daddy la."

Those questions are killing me!" Huhuhuhuh...

Of coz, the decision to be apart for time being is not easy. But, I convinced him that everything will be ok with us over here. Besides, it's the best for long term. Coz, the whole idea is to going back hometown for good! Sounds great huh?!

Well, actually we tried the idea before. Eventually, he only managed to stay  in KK for less than a month. Sebab takut pisang berbuah dua kali, we decided to ship the car back too KK as well this time. So, yeahh... we are damn serious with the idea. 

Muat ka tidak ni barang-barang mau kasi sumbat dalam tu kereta??

Muat okey!! 

The car shipping charges from KL to KK (door to port service) is RM1,800 (for MPV). I think this is the cheapest charges that we managed to source. 

For details, pls visit Just for my record actually.

Ok, kids, daddy is coming home next week! Tananggg kamurang!! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


It's not WW.. But, I'm out of words!
For the moment, I just need to stay positive and be strong!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Pink Charity Run 2014

It's October! 

Feeling guilty for not updating my blog. Haih!! Nothing much to blog. Just routine. 

But, this one... has to be published. For my record...

A last minute offer to participate The Pink Charity Run on 28 Sept 2014, which took place at Setia Alam. The run was organized by Hospital Pantai Klang.

So, yeahhh... I ran for the 2nd time. And this time, 12km! Phewwww...

The route

Guess what... we were already sweating by the warm up session before the run. Belum lari sudah penat! Huhuhuu...

Morning face kaannn... huhuhu

Here we go!

The weather was good. Unfortunately, just after we started the run, my BFF's shoe pula mau tercabut tapak! Grrrrrr... Since it's a long way to go, we chose to walk slowly. 

'Geget' 2nd medal! Yeayyyy..

With BFF - Only 2 of us this time

We finally reached the finishing line after 1 hour and 45 mins. Pancitttt!!

Need to work harder for our next run in 3 weeks time. Fuh!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My 1st 10km Run - Lion Parkson Run 2014

Being passive students during schools time, I never involve in any sports activities. To be honest, I never dream of participating in any kind of runs in my entire life. Sampai macam tu sekali ke-pasif-an diri ini.. kekekeke..

Lately, when my FB was flooded with friends’ running man photos, plus pic ‘geget’ medal… sgt2 rasa tercabar. I asked myself if I can do it. Can I finish a 10km run???

Bila ada geng, benda yang mustahil jadi tidak mustahil.. betul kan?? So, me and my bff registered ourselves for a 10km run for Lion Parkson Run 2014 event. An event to raise funds for Banting Home for Handicapped & Mentally Disabled Children.

The 10km route
We have about a month to prepare ourselves for the run, yet.. we didn’t really prepare ourselves to the max. Not until the last 1 week. I started jog at home.. keliling dalam rumah bila anak2 sdh masuk tdur. Hahaha..  5 days before the event, me and my bff decided to buang tabiat.. panjat tangga ofis 11 tingkat! But, we did it for 2 days only.

We were already wet before the run starts

Finally, the event took place last Sunday. It was raining for hours that morning. The event started an hour later. From 7am dragged to 8am. I almost gave-up. Thought that I won’t be able to make it to the finish line.

Left : Run started
Right : 7km check point

The route was kinda hilly. So, quite challenging jugak for newbie like us. I guess the 2 days panjat-tangga-ofis sangat2 helpful. Gonna continuously do it. Heeee…

With BFF's ex-colleagues
Harus la semua tayang gigi & medal kannn... hihihih..

Guess what?? We were actually walking all the way from starting to finishing line. Hahaha! At first, we thought of running after the 7km-check-point.. Unfortunately, tapak kasut pula almost tertanggal!! Grrrrr… So, yeahh.. walking will do la. Yang penting, habis run.. err.. walk! Kikikikiki…

Nda puas2 'geget' itu medal! Hahahaha...

The best part, sampai ja finishing line… tapak kasut terus tertanggal! Hahahhaa… Anyway, we did it nonstop for 1hour 35mins! The feeling was awesome! Super-proud of myself! And we are eyeing for next run! Terlebih confident! Hahahaah…

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WW ~ Kaki & Tangga

Selama almost 9 tahun bekerja di ofis skrg ni...
Hari ini hari paling buang tabiat sekali..
Pagi-pagi panjat tangga dari G Floor ke 11th Floor!
Sampai tingkat 7, sudah mula semputtt!
Alhamdulillah.. sampai tingkat 11 dalam masa 4 minit!
Fuhhhh.. terus lantak nasi lemak! Hahahah..

Ohh! Kenapa buang tabiat?? Last minute preparation untuk Sunday's event! Kikiiki...

Monday, September 08, 2014

Son's 6yo-Kindie Folio

Walaweee... 6yo kindie kids sudah kena suruh buat FOLIO???!! Juling mata sekejap... Apa la yang budak2 ni tau kann.. 

A simple folio.. where it should include info of student's parent, place of birth, intro of the place of birth, state flag of the place of birth... Hmm..  

The students were given a month to submit their folio which the due date supposed to be on 29 Aug 2014. Sempena bulan kemerdekaan la I think kann.. Menanam semangat patriotik di kalangan murid-murid gitu kann...

Macam besa.. last minute sudah baru mau start buat.. Luckily the due date was extended to another week due to the kindie was closed for a week as there were 2 students in the kindie were infected with hand, foot & mouth disease! Oh myyy...

After 2-struggling-weeks.. biasa la budak2, buat sikit sudah penat itu tangan.. satu hari buat sikit, besok dia sambung lagi... Ahaha...

Folio in da making..
Thanks to daughter too yang sibuk mau lekat2 itu bunga raya.. Heheheh... 

So, here's the final completed folio!

Good job son! Dengan bangganya, handed to his teacher aar.. Hahaha..

Friday, September 05, 2014

Mom ~ removal of lump

I was on leave yesterday and day before.. Beloved mom has to go though minor operation to remove a lump at the back, just under her waist.

Actually, mom already aware of the lump existence bout 3 years ago. Its movable, like jelly and no pain. However, mom noticed that the lump is getting bigger recently. So, we went to see doctor. As expected, the doctor issued a referral letter to the hospital. Her appointment with the doctor at Hospital Ampang was last July. 

The doctor just touched at the area and said, don't think there's anything serious, operation for lump removal is not a must. Hmm.. Anyhow, we don't want to take any risk. So, we decided to go for the minor operation. It is just a day care procedure. 

So, we reached hospital as early as 8am on Wednesday. Upon registration, proceed to mom's bed and mom was asked to change her clothing. 

To our surprise, mom was wheel-chaired to the operation hall at about 8.50am! That was super fast for government hospital! While waiting, both me and brother had our breakfast at the hospital cafe.

Gambar hiasan

Just as targeted, mom was out from the operation hall an hour after that. We were glad to see mom's smiling face. Mom straight away wanna change her hospital-gown. She was doing great and doesn't look like someone yang baru saja dibedah? Well, thats what we call minor-procedure, rite?

It took them an hour to settle the discharge thingy! Haih! Taking medicine from the  pharmacy also an issue. I have to back to the day care unit for them to re-order the medicine, so that the pharmacy able to track their system, I guess!! Haihh.. Anyway, everything settled bout 12.15pm.

Half day at the hospital for a minor procedure... not bad la kan?! How fast is fast do you expect? Kikikiki...

Apa-apa pun, mom is doing great. Active as usual. I pray for your good health mom! We love you!! 

Tiba-tiba emo la pula.. heheheh...

Happy weekend in advance ppl... It's our ladies outing this Sunday! Ahakss... 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Foodpanda - Food delivery services

It’s pay day!! I already asked my mom not to prepare anything for dinner tonite. She deserves a rest. Why not rite? She has been a very committed helper ever since she stayed with me. Thanks mom! Love you to the moon and back.

So, what’s for dinner? Don’t think my mom wanna go out after a tiring day at home with my kids. I better op for tapau.

McD delivery..

BK delivery..

Pizza hut delivery..

Domino’s pizza delivery..

Naaa.. Mom is not so into fast food…

Aha!! *light bulb*

I remember when our company was holding a Board of Director Meeting, months ago, we ordered nasi ayam for the directors. I was like, The Chicken Rice Shop? Delivery? Since when?

And that was when I first came across bout foodpanda. No, no.. I am not talking bout our couple panda, Xing Xing and Liang Liang. Hee…

Ok! Secret Recipe at home, for dinner tonite! Yippee…

Basically.. go to foodpanda website ( – choose your location – choose your restaurant – food is on the way – make your payment.. 

What make life easier is our smartphones. You might consider to download the free foodpanda app from your mobile device and start order food now!

Bbuurrppp!! Perut kenyang, hati pun senang.. la la la la.. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WW ~ Demam Denggi

Infected with dengue fever last 2 weeks..
The best part, I don't have to be admitted coz I don't vomit and I can eat & drink..
The worst part, I have to go to hospital everyday for 1 week for blood test!
Lengan lebam sudah semestinya! Huhuh..
Alhamdulillah, I'm fully recover now..
Memang dendam dengan nyamuk 7 keturunan! Hehehe..

Petua-petua untuk denggi :
Banyakkan minum air suam
Minum 100+
Minum sup ketam (platelet naik mendadak lepas minum sup ketam & bintik2 merah mula timbul)
Actually, ada lagi petua lain.. Tapi, saya cuma amalkan tiga petua ni saja...

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

WW : 1 Syawal 2014 - Frozen Theme

Selamat Hari Raya dari kami sekeluarga!
Ermm.. I was thinking for a turqoise theme this year..
Tapi, mcm biru saja ni... hahahah..
Its ok.. As long as my daughter was happy for the frozen-theme! LOL
It's should be our last Raya over here in KL..
Oppss... will rant about that later ya!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Salam Aidilfitri

To all Muslim Friends, Salam Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir & Batin.
To non Muslim Friends, have a great holidays. 
Salam Kosong-Kosong jugak! Hihihihi...

Thanks hubby for the virtual card! *wink*

Friday, July 25, 2014

Few days before Raya

We will be celebrating Raya in few more days. For this year, there are nothing much to prepare. Raya ala kadar saja. Sangat-sangat ala kadar.
Kalau last year, ada la jugak terasa mood raya sbb I was busy with baking raya cookies. But this year, I can't bake. Oven rosak! So, I only focus with the Popia Simpul Kasih. Alhamdulillah... almost all the orders sudah selamat di-deliver. So, kuih raya order je la. Tu pun, few types jer.. 

This year preparation list :

1. Baju Raya - harus la kann... This year pnya theme?? Tungguuuu... For guys, baru settle semalam. Mcm biasa, last minute shopping.. pok dpt harga murah. Hehehe.. For girls, mine sdh beli siap. For mom & daughter, sdh siap tailor. Besok collect. 

2. Kuih Raya - Done. Order dari kawan2.

3. Sarung sofa - Done. Beli semalam juga. Hehehhe.

4. Bahan2 masak - Well, macamana pun... kena juga masak sikit kan. Shopping not done yea! Huh?! Bila mau p shopping ni? Huhuhuhu...

So, that's my list. Simple-dimple jer..

Ermm.. this year, Iftar selalu di rumah saja except yesterday and today. Yesterday, Iftar with BFF. The best Iftar ever! Hahahhaa... We went for last minute shopping and by the time we finished shopping, all restaurants were fully reserved! So, we just bought drinks and only managed to get a table after half an hour. Heheheh... 

 Hmm... Let's wait for early-go-back announcement today..

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Her 4th Cake!

Time flies... and my lil' gurl turns 4yo on 14 July 2014. We bought a small cute cake for Ryanna a day earlier, but the cake cutting was on her buffday nite coz Rayyan was having fever.

Noon.. rite after we bough the cake.. She just can't wait for the cake cutting session

Not many pics taken. Pics blurry pula! *sigh*

Macam biasa.. simple celebration. Oh! Btw, it was the same as the cake we bought for my mom's buffday 3 years back. Tepa la kann... Hihihi.. Coz I know Ryanna sure love the cake. *wink*

We also ordered another cake for Ryanna's friend at kindie which the teacher requested us to arrange the 'party' on Friday instead of Monday which is Ryanna's buffday. Macam biasa juga... besides cake, party bags & red eggs for Ryanna's friends.

Packing party bags

Frozen cake for this year
I wish I were there!
Girl, we love you always! Your happiness and success are the only two things we want in life and we are doing everything we can to help you get them! Happy birthday darling!