Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mom's Birthday!

Honestly, I don't feel like buying any cake for mom this year. Coz' most of them at home only eat 1 slice and I'll be the one who finish the cake! *sigh* So, I only bought mom a set of Cosway's body care.

Before I off to work on last Friday (24/1/14), I asked Rayyan and Ryanna to give mom the gift and asked them to wish Mummy Tua "happy birthday". They did as instructed and happily sang the happy birthday song to mom as well. I guess my mom was touched and hugged them while they sang the song.

Aitt Rayyan! Terlebih excited dia mau tgk apa dalam tu! Hehehhe

Just when I was about to step out, the kids remind me to buy a cake for mom. Ada ka suruh beli cake angry bird???!! Hahahaah... 

So, untuk tidak menghampakan anak2... yup, a Strawberry Cake for mom! I think the kids are exciting for the cake cutting. Hahahaha..

To mom, Happy Birthday! Thanks for every single thing! Your strength make me even stronger! We love you always and forever!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WW : Chicky Girl

Photo taken this morning by Rayyan
Thats me and my chicky Ryanna
So far, we don't have any go-to-school problems
Ryanna mix well with all her friends as well as her bro's friends
Ryanna is always more aggressive than her bro
A happy go lucky lil girl
Acted 'brutally' at class yesterday...
Ada ka patut dia tutup mulut kawan yg sdg membaca??!!
Biasa la tu budak2 kannnn...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

No More P!

My P-Licence expiring today!! 2 years has passed and I’m still not good at driving. Huhuhuh…

For the past 2 years, I rarely hold the steering. Only few times a year that was when Tunung came over to my house. I can’t drive hubby’s car coz it’s big and it’s manual! *sigh*

My best achievement in driving so far was when Tunung and I went back to KK in May last year to attend Jue’s wedding.

To recap : Tg Aru – KK – Duvanson… my longest driving journey ever!! Goshhh… Bikin takut pun ada.. excited pun ada…

Haihh.. ntah bila la berani mau drive ni.. Jgn lupa cara2 mau drive sudah la.. Huhuhuhhu..

Till then, happy long weekends guys!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WW : CNY Break

Instead of being happy for the extra 2 days free-leaves given by the Company,
rumors has been spreading around the office that...
we shall not be happy when it comes to the coming-soon-Vitamin-B!!
Oh my!!

Anyway, obviously we are not going back to Sabah for CNY this year! Hmmm...

Friday, January 03, 2014

2014 : Back to School

So, it's my first entry of year 2014! Again... Happy New Year guys!! ^_^

Just wanna share some photos on kiddos' first day school yesterday! Oh yes.. Ryanna is schooling too!!

Everything ran smoothly! Great job Ryanna!! We don't face any probs to wake her up. No crying at all. Somehow, she is so attached to her brother. She will tails her brother all the time. Hahaha!

All the best kiddos! *hugs and kisses*