Monday, March 24, 2014

Redang Trip - Day 1

Ok.. sambung pasal Redang..

Redang Lagoon Chalet

Basically, the rooms are not facing the sea
Me & Tunung - Room 3
The other 2 friends at Room 7

We actually booked 2 units twin sharing room. Tidak mau berebut toilet! Hahaha
Looking at the room, I guess it's actually triple sharing that can accommodate to 4 pax I believe.

That's our chalet.. Redang Lagoon Chalet. The cheapest chalet I supposed. Overall 3D2N package which inclusive accommodation, 2 ways ferry transfer, meals (2x breakfast, 2x lunch, 2x teatime, 2x dinner) & 3 sessions of snorkeling) only cost us RM300! So yeahh... recommended to all!

We love the buaian..

Upon check-in, we had our lunch and some lil time for photo sessions before the 1st snorkeling session.

10 mins walk to the jetty, boat ride to Pasir Akar (open sea snorkeling) took about 20mins. Tunung didn't wait longer to jump and snorkel. As for the 3 of us, 'berchenta' nak turun ke laut! Yg sorang tu, turun and basah half body terus naik bot balik! Hahahaha...

Honestly, sangat2 cuak for the snorkeling coz we were all first timer except Tunung. And we didn't even know how to swim! Huuhhhuhu.. 

I am so not good at handling the snorkeling gear & the breathing technique... I have to hold the lifeguard  throughout the 1st snorkeling session. Aduyaiii... I think it was the longest 1 hour period in my entire life! Hahahaa... 

From tea time onward until bed time was free n easy.. So, yeahhh... We enjoyed our time to the fullest..

After snorkel... muka penat!


More More Tea Inn - The souvenir house
Initially designed as a temporary set for the Hong Kong movie "Summer Holiday" in 1999.
 Starring : Sammie Cheng & Richie Ren
Thanks to Google for the bottom-right pic.

Spent 2 hours karaoke-ing at the KTV Laguna Resort
RM30 per hour

2 more snorkeling sessions the next day... stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WW : Lucky Winner

Before I off to Redang, I 'accidentally' (wakakakaka) joining myself in a GA by Diari Aima.
When I was at Redang, I received an email from Aima asking for my details.
Mau bagi hadiah la apa lagi.
I browsed her blog and found myself been picked as 'lucky winner'!
So, yeahh... I received these cute key-chains yesterday.
Thanks Aima! Sudi jugak bagi hadiah walaupun salah jawapan. Hihihhi...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Redang Trip – Arrival KT & Ferry to Redang

Supposed flying on 7/3/14 at 11.55am and return on 9/3/14 at 12.55pm. Flight ticket bought a year ago which only cost us RM55 return tix. However, after discussion, we decided to purchase fresh 1 way ticket to KT. So, we reached KT on 6/3/14 at 9pm.

We even booked a hotel near Pasar Payang, DJ Citi Point Hotel, via The hotel is also walking distance to Shahbandar Jetty. Sangat2 recommended hotel ni…

Suite for 4pax - RM99 per room per nite

For dinner, the hotel staff suggested us ikan bakar at Kuala Ibai. Taxi cost us RM20 per trip. Sampai sana, bukan order ikan bakar pun! Hahahah… We ordered nasi goreng and sotong goreng tepung. The sotong goreng tepung mmg sedapppp!!

Sotong Goreng Tepung yang lazat dan berkrim... kekekekeke

Before balik hotel, singgah kat Bulatan Batu Bersurat...

Harus la bergambar di landmark Terengganu ni kannn...

Next morning, 7/3/14 (Friday), we checked out as early as 7.30am. Konon2, mau cari tempat breakfast dulu. It was weekend for Terengganu, plus, it was Friday! So, mmg sunyi sepi saja town Terengganu. 

Jalan kaki dari hotel ke jeti.. dalam 10 minit la..
Lalu la Pasar Payang (tu yg ada arrow tu) yg femes tu... 

So, terus la p Jeti Shahbandar.

Luckily, ada mini kiosk di jeti. Itupun, lambat buka. Berebut semua mau beli breakfast.

Ramai2 la serbu beli!

Kaunter tiket

Kaunter tiket feri buka pukul 8am. Feri bertolak pukul 9am. Please take note, there is no seating number given. So, if you are in a group, better masuk / queue awal to avoid duduk berasing macam kitaorang! Tapi, still dekat laa…

Jom naik ferry!

Dalam feri
Gambar ehsan Mr Google

Boleh keluar ambik gambar... Yang mabuk tu, diam2 la tidur dalam feri... hehehee

Travel journey 1 jam setengah. Kalau mabuk laut, makan la ubat yer! Passengers will be asked to transfer from ferry to boat upon reaching beach of island. 

So, here I am... at Redang Island!!! Yeehaaaaa...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WW - Redang with BFFs

Oh yeahh!! Just came back from Redang Island last Sunday!
My first ever snorkeling trip..
Hati dah tertinggal kat sana! Huhuhuh..
Having great & quality me-time with BFFs!
Tak puas.. nak lagikk!!