Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Redang Trip - Day 2 (Afternoon session)

Redang Trip - Day 1

After lunch, snorkeling again! This time, at deep sea!

When our feet didn't touch the sand, we knew that it's deep and we were panic!
But, still sempat posing with our sunglasses! Hahahaha

Serious, dalam ok!
I'm a bit disappointed with the underwater photos taken by our lifeguard.. Huhuh
I advised you all to take underwater photos at Marine Park instead..

PATI mendarat! LOL

At nite, we had BBQ at the resort

Photo credit : here

Oh btw, we were lucky to found the blue sand on our first nite! From internet, the blue sand can be found at Redang Reef Resort. But we found them just nearby our resort area. Lucky us!

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