Friday, April 25, 2014

Redang Trip - Last Day

Redang Trip - Day 1

It's finally our last day at Redang Island. Not even half day pun!

Since our flight returning to KL was at 1pm and we planned to jalan-jalan di Pasar Payang lagi, we decided to take the 1st ferry which is 7am. We need to standby as early as 6.30am and before that had our early breakfast.

That's out boat and we were to transfer boat later

After boat-transferred.. That's Laguna Resort!

Morning faces! LOL

Waving goodbye to Redang Island with heavy hearted.  Obviously, we had so much fun here!

After 1 and half hour boat ride, we walked less than 5mins to Pasar Payang which is a must pit-stop, if you happen to be at Kuala Terengganu. 

We were so craving to have the famous Lekor in Terengganu
So, we had our 2nd round breakfast at Pasar Payang.
 The above Lekor cost us RM4.

@ Pasar Payang
1st floor selling t-shirts, souvenirs, etc.
Ground floor selling foods

I'll share my overall budget in my next entry k.. *wink*

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