Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tadika Little Prince Sport Day 2014

Just wanna share some photos during kiddos' Sport Day on 18.5.2014. Well, it's more to a telematch. I was kinda excited... more excited than previous year coz this year, both Rayyan and Ryanna participated in one event, plus Rayyan was to read out the Ikrar.

Pupils marched out
Red arrows pointing at Rayyan and Ryanna of coz..
Dari jauh, boleh dengar suara Ryanna.. "one, two.. one, two!" LOL

Rayyan 'cursing' Ikrar

The kids performing Jong Jong Inai
Rayyan was at the back.. So, only can see Ryanna.
Bersemangat dia perform! Hahaha..

Blue team for Ryanna and Yellow team for Rayyan

Rayyan in actions..
I was so touched when Rayyan put up the 'banner'!
Love you son!

Ryanna on actions..
So funny when she stood in front of the socks' stack..
wondering which sock to pick and hang..
She must be looking for hers! Hahaha

4th place for Rayyan and yellow team
2nd place for Ryanna and blue team
1st place - Green team

Rayyan and Ryanna with their medals and with their BFFs .. 

Glad to see them enjoying themselves.. *wink*

p/s : Kotobian tagoyo do Kaamatan to Sabahans! Don't drink and drive kio! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Piala Thomas 2014 ~ Bikin sakit jantung!

Siapa layan Final Thomas Cup mlm td?

I am no sport person. And I don’t enjoy sitting down in front of TV watching matches of any sport games EXCEPT FINAL matches! But, only badminton and football! Depend which team la… Hehehe…

So, pecah la rekod sebab… I was enjoying the final Thomas Cup yesterday from the very beginning till the last match. Usually, I will only watch our Badminton’s hero on action. Hhuhuhu… The only break I gave myself was the 3rd match. I was kinda pissed off, so I had my shower.

Memang stress tahap gaban la tgk games malam tadi! My mom keluar masuk bilik sebab stress. Me? Bising juga la mulut ni kannn… Bikin sakit jantung, bikin darah naik... kalau sarat preggy, boleh terberanak! Hahahah..

Frustrated, yes! But, I know our team have done their very best to win the Cup. Great matches!! Tapi, belum ada rezeki kan… We loss to Japan 3-2. Congratz to both Malaysia and Japan teams!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WW ~ 1st traditional costume

It’s May and it’s month of Kaamatan in Sabah
Pic taken at Yayasan Sabah
I was in Standard 3
Performing Sumazau in conjunction with The Birthday of TYT (I think so! LOL)
And that was my 1st traditional costume..
Oh... I miss sumazau and I bet most of the Sabahan who are staying outside Sabah will miss the festive so much! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

All about Putatan Platinum Apartment

Some of you might have known bout this. Lemme just put everything in an entry. For my easy ref too in future.. *wink*

Feb 2011, we paid a booking fee amounting to RM2,000 to book a unit at level 5 Block A of the Putatan Platinum Apartment (PPA). 850sqft with 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms. Kecil ja kan…  The purchase price was RM173k++. My friends in KL were surprised to know properties in Sabah are as pricey as in KL. Well, almost – for town areas!

Early Apr 2011, our housing loan has been approved by Maybank. Alhamdulillah..

End of Apr 2011, Sale and Purchase Agreement, bank’s Letter of Offer and other documentation signed! The S&P was then dated 13 May 2011.

End of June 2011, payment of 10% of the property purchase price, minus the booking fee, to SPNB. EPF withdrawal la apa lagik! Hihihihi..

Taken in July 2011
This is Block B
Ours is Block A

Upon purchasing the property, we were informed by the agent that the completion date of the property was Dec 2011. So, we have decided to go back Sabah for good. In fact, we have bought our one-way flight tickets. We have also started surveying for logistic to send over our cars back to KK.

It was then I was diagnosed with BCa in Oct 2011.

Since I have to undergo treatments and the property is yet to be completed by May 2012, we decided to cancel the whole idea of going back.

We never make noise towards the ‘abandoned-like’ apartment coz we never been paying any single cents to the bank all these while, until Apr 2013. We were asked to pay the progressive payment amounting to RM200++. The amount increased to RM500++ the following 2 months.

May 2013, Majlis penyerahan kunci! Finally!! Unfortunately, we didn’t make it as we just came back from KK week earlier. Besides, we need to make some payment in order for developer to release house key! *sigh*

July 2013, first installment payment of RM800 monthly! Paying for 2 houses is totally not a good idea huh!

Dec 2013, since we went back to KK to attend my aunt’s wedding. So, it’s the best time to sort things out. Went to collect release letter from SPNB and made payment of RM2k at Wisma Kinsabina, the appointment agent of SPNB before we proceed to PPA to collect our house key! 

Finally, after 2 years++! The feeling was awesome!!! My mom was smiling ear-to-ear! She was so happy and we are going back for good SOON!

house view

Going back to Sabah means we will start everything from zero again. It’s a gamble for sure. Am feeling excited and sad at the same time. Mix-feelings! Will share on the going-back progress once everything is in order.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Teacher's Day!

Oh! Jangan tertipu!! Itu pic last year... Ahahahaha..

Frankly, I didn't prepare any gifts for my kids' teachers today. And I am 100% sure my kids will be coming home and nag bout that. "Kawan lain ada bagi hadiah sama cikgu.. Koko sama E'ee teda kasi cikgu hadiah.." And their muka seposen will make me even bad! Huh!

Sorry kids! Will hand over gifts to all your teachers on Monday ok! *wink*

To all teachers out there specially my teacher-friends... HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WW : Tips beli kasut anak

I don’t think I need to explain further rite?!
I always keep this inside my handbag.
Just in case, time kerja ada singgah mana2 and so happen ada promo ke kan…
I don’t care if ppl is laughing at me..
As long as.. I don’t have to worry buying the wrong size shoe for my kiddos!
And of coz.. U need to update the size.. *wink*

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

WW : New Work Station

** Transferred from Corporate Dept to Property Development Dept
** Officially on 5.5.2014
** Been around the world company for the past 9yrs
** From Legal Affairs to CFO to MD to Company Secretary and finally here
** Wonder what next??

Psst... no more privacy here! Hhuhuhu..

Monday, May 05, 2014

Cabut Gigi!!

How frequent do you visit a Dentist??

I bet most of the ppl out there are not keen to meet a dentist, rite? And I am one of them! Huhuhu…

My record so far that I can recall…

Primary school – of coz semua ada jumpa dentist di sekolah masing2 time ni kan.. Mmg rasa mau terkencing je bila nmpk nurse masuk kelas bawa kad hijau! Hahahah… Cannot remember how many times but definitely pernah cabut dan tampal gigi time sekolah rendah.

The next visit was… 1999!! See the gap?? OMG! Mmg takde kesedaran civik langsung kan??!! Huhuhhu.. I was in my 1st yr Uni. Since the clinic is just nearby my hostel, so yeah.. why not?! Tampal gigi depan! Gigi depan tu!! Harus la bertindak segera kannn…  

Next visit was my last dentist visit… 2004! I went for a scaling ONLY after 5 years??? Not good not good! Actually, the dentist advised me for a Molar extraction. It was so sudden and I wasn’t mentally ready yet. So, I passed! The molar is getting worse now! 10 years ok!! Maybe because the molar didn’t give me any pain, so I keep on delaying to extract it…

I was on leave last Friday. Me and Lin already planned to go to the Book Fair at PWTC. Lin suddenly came out with the idea to go for dentist! Well, actually… we both did mention about it few times. Lin wanna do fillings and I wanna do extraction.

Nekad punya pasal.. ramai org pun sanggup tunggu! Hahaha… We waited for almost 2 hours at the clinic. I am glad that I have extracted... not the molar! Hahaha.. Extracted the 2nd bicuspid instead! (refer diagram)

I feeeeel good after extraction! Hihihhi… No pain at all! Sikit saja la time bius tu.. overall, everything is ok! So, molar is next... before fasting month hopefully!

Oh! Btw, kejadian berlaku di Klinik Pergigian Sentul… Hanya RM2! Hihihi..

After dentist, we went to the book fair as planned! Kau hado??? Hahahaha… Luckily the bleeding stop just went we reached PWTC… Pelik pula orang tengok saya dengan kapas di mulut! Kikikiki…

Moral of the story, sila rajinkan dan beranikan diri anda untuk berjumpa dengan doctor gigi setiap 6 bulan atau 1 tahun! Poyo!! Hohohoho…