Monday, May 19, 2014

All about Putatan Platinum Apartment

Some of you might have known bout this. Lemme just put everything in an entry. For my easy ref too in future.. *wink*

Feb 2011, we paid a booking fee amounting to RM2,000 to book a unit at level 5 Block A of the Putatan Platinum Apartment (PPA). 850sqft with 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms. Kecil ja kan…  The purchase price was RM173k++. My friends in KL were surprised to know properties in Sabah are as pricey as in KL. Well, almost – for town areas!

Early Apr 2011, our housing loan has been approved by Maybank. Alhamdulillah..

End of Apr 2011, Sale and Purchase Agreement, bank’s Letter of Offer and other documentation signed! The S&P was then dated 13 May 2011.

End of June 2011, payment of 10% of the property purchase price, minus the booking fee, to SPNB. EPF withdrawal la apa lagik! Hihihihi..

Taken in July 2011
This is Block B
Ours is Block A

Upon purchasing the property, we were informed by the agent that the completion date of the property was Dec 2011. So, we have decided to go back Sabah for good. In fact, we have bought our one-way flight tickets. We have also started surveying for logistic to send over our cars back to KK.

It was then I was diagnosed with BCa in Oct 2011.

Since I have to undergo treatments and the property is yet to be completed by May 2012, we decided to cancel the whole idea of going back.

We never make noise towards the ‘abandoned-like’ apartment coz we never been paying any single cents to the bank all these while, until Apr 2013. We were asked to pay the progressive payment amounting to RM200++. The amount increased to RM500++ the following 2 months.

May 2013, Majlis penyerahan kunci! Finally!! Unfortunately, we didn’t make it as we just came back from KK week earlier. Besides, we need to make some payment in order for developer to release house key! *sigh*

July 2013, first installment payment of RM800 monthly! Paying for 2 houses is totally not a good idea huh!

Dec 2013, since we went back to KK to attend my aunt’s wedding. So, it’s the best time to sort things out. Went to collect release letter from SPNB and made payment of RM2k at Wisma Kinsabina, the appointment agent of SPNB before we proceed to PPA to collect our house key! 

Finally, after 2 years++! The feeling was awesome!!! My mom was smiling ear-to-ear! She was so happy and we are going back for good SOON!

house view

Going back to Sabah means we will start everything from zero again. It’s a gamble for sure. Am feeling excited and sad at the same time. Mix-feelings! Will share on the going-back progress once everything is in order.


  1. ngam lah tu sis =) hehehe hujan emas di negari orang, hujan batu di negari sendiri. dapat juga si aunt p tamu. hahaha In Sha Allah, rezeki ada di mana - mana.
    tiba - tiba ringan tangan mau komen =)

    1. Hehehhehe... ba, kasi ringan2 tgn komen aa.. :)
      Rindu sdh c mamy sy mau p tamu tu.. hehehhehe..

  2. Wow, welcome home :)
    Ada sia pi tingu tu rumah belong to my colleague. Kici tapi quite nice :) Bah, dekat ja kita ni nti. Sa di Kinarut saja hehe...

    1. Ya kicil ja tu rmh tp tepa la.. family sy pun kicil ja. Hehehehe... Ba, sinang kali mau terbump d tamu.. Hehehehhe..

  3. Replies
    1. Wow!! Hello neighbour? Yours is which block?

  4. iya...mmg rmh d sabah mhl...sana papar pn double storey sda 300++...kk jgn ckp la...luckly kami smpt tebali thn murah my housing area..500k..dlu kami bli 200+ ja.gilak kan..maka tiada jgk urg kita yg kaya2 tp knp mo jual bgtu mhl..tu harga x kna pantau...

    1. Itu la pasal kann... heran betul owhh... dulu 2006 sy ada beli rmh d Bfort, rmh teres.. RM89k. Tp, susah betul mau jaga sbb kami jauh. Syg tu rmh buruk. Last2 kami jual. Tu yg baru beli lg. huhuhu...

  5. Replies
    1. Jgn sedey2.. lama lg ba! Hehehe

  6. wahhhhhhh...wish you the best in life!!

  7. ni ruma ni kan yang betul2 d pekan putatan o kan..yay nnt mau da ni pinda d sabah...

  8. Congrats sis. Sbb menduduki rumah baru.
    Kawan sa pun tinggal area sana. Sa nak pesan bila renovate rumah tu kena hati2 sikit kena tanya dgn pihak managment apa yg boleh dan tak boleh dibuat. Kawan sa ada terkena tu gara2 psang aircond kontraktor tertebuk lubang dinding main (sa pun tidak berapa faham istilah dinding tu hehee)
    Terus pihak pengurusan suruh dia bayar kerosakan yg bernilai k sama dia. Apalagi kawan sa melenting sbb takkan dia tidak boleh psang aircond di area yg dia suka dlm rumah dia. Pelik2 ni managment platinum apartment adeh.

    1. Thanks for sharing kio.. mmg ramai x puas hati tu sama tu management.. huhuhu..


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