Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tadika Little Prince Sport Day 2014

Just wanna share some photos during kiddos' Sport Day on 18.5.2014. Well, it's more to a telematch. I was kinda excited... more excited than previous year coz this year, both Rayyan and Ryanna participated in one event, plus Rayyan was to read out the Ikrar.

Pupils marched out
Red arrows pointing at Rayyan and Ryanna of coz..
Dari jauh, boleh dengar suara Ryanna.. "one, two.. one, two!" LOL

Rayyan 'cursing' Ikrar

The kids performing Jong Jong Inai
Rayyan was at the back.. So, only can see Ryanna.
Bersemangat dia perform! Hahaha..

Blue team for Ryanna and Yellow team for Rayyan

Rayyan in actions..
I was so touched when Rayyan put up the 'banner'!
Love you son!

Ryanna on actions..
So funny when she stood in front of the socks' stack..
wondering which sock to pick and hang..
She must be looking for hers! Hahaha

4th place for Rayyan and yellow team
2nd place for Ryanna and blue team
1st place - Green team

Rayyan and Ryanna with their medals and with their BFFs .. 

Glad to see them enjoying themselves.. *wink*

p/s : Kotobian tagoyo do Kaamatan to Sabahans! Don't drink and drive kio! 


  1. Fredo pun baru sports day yg hari isnin..

  2. Siuk bah anak2 ko bersukan kan...berpeluh2 bah dorang hehehe

    Happy Kaamatan juga ! :)

  3. syokkna tgk anak2..kita plak yg rasa terharu


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