Friday, June 20, 2014

1 Day Trip Singapore 19 April 2014

2 weeks without entries.. huhuhu..

Getting busy and busier each day at my new workstation... awal pagi masuk ofis sudah mcm org gila.. huhuhuh... stress nyaa... I need vacation! Stress sikit, vacation... mcm tebal jer poket kann...

So, jom relax kan minda... Lagipun, blm update psl 1 Day Trip Singapore on 19 Apr. Alang-alang outstation ke JB... otak pun mula la buat planning last minute. Geng2 pun on jugak... So, yeahh...

Our journey started from Kranji as early as 9am.
Kira lambat sdh tu. Padahal kul 6.30am sdh kuar dari hotel. Huhuhu..

We actually dropped by Ang Mo Kio station to purchase the MRT tourist pass before proceed to USS. The tourist pass is valid for 1 day which cost you SGD10 + refundable rental deposit SGD10. Unfortunately, we did not managed to return the pass. (Sakit plak hati kalau ingat pasal ni. Rasa tertipu pun ada!)

First pit-stop : USS of coz!!
Before that, melantak nasi lemak yg di-tapau dr JB dulu.. hihihhi
2nd pit-stop : Sentosa
The weather... panas gila!! 

3rd pit-stop : Chinatown
Shopped FM & T-shirt
4th pit-stop : Merlion Park
Passing by this area which I didn't passed by on my 1st trip here with Hubby last 2 years.
Sambil nyanyi lagu London Bridge time jalan di bridge tu.. hihihi..
Lama kami lepak sini... sebab sudah penat ditambah pula cuaca yang panas yang amat!

We made it!! Yeayyy...

Before next pit-stop, singgah beli ice-cream ni lagi for 2nd round.. hihihih..
First round, beli kat stall nenek cina dekat bangunan yg ada Maybank. Nenek tu jual SGD1.20.
Cross bridge, ada satu lagi stall jual ice-cream gak. Uncle ni jual SGD1.

5th pit-stop : Marina Bay Sand

6th pit-stop : Garden by the Bay
Background : The Supertree Grove & Marina Bay Sand

We were already extremely tired to max when we reached 5th pit-stop. We wanted so badly to explore the garden, spanning 101 hectares ok! Fuhhh... But, we just can't afford to walk around anymore. We just want to go back and rest. Kaki macam mau putus!! Huhuhuhuh... 

So, 7.30pm, kami pun berangkat balik dengan penat sekali.. muka berminyak2 jgn heran la kann… nasib baik sandal x putus! Wakakka..

Tapi, serius… tidak digalakkan kluar masuk JB-Singapore kalau bw budak2 kecik.. kesian, budak2… huhuhu…

Overall, penat tp having great time with buddies! Berjaya jugak chop passport tahun ni. So, tunggu next year plak.. *wink wink*

Friday, June 06, 2014

Happy 9th work-versary!

Tomorrow, 7th June 2014, mark my 9 years working with my current employer! Yeahh.. I settled down here. Dari bujang sampai beranak pinak di sini! Hahaha..

To be honest, I did try to find better offers after 2 years working here. Biasa la tu kan.. But then, that was when I got myself engaged and married.. and got pregnant.. and delivered to two kids… So, it’s kinda hard to step out from here. The mission to hop to other places always postponed, till one stage.. I said.. Ok la.. kontrak sampai mati la di sini.. LOL!

Reminisce moments :







For the past 9 years, my lunch-friends always change from one to another. They will only stick for less than 2 years. Yeahh… ppl keep going out from my lives over here.. huhuhu… Anyhow, we are still keeping in touch. FB of coz! And currently, I stick to my BFF – Lin! Glad that we met each other. Banyak kimia! Hehehe..

Besides that, I’m comfortable here. I love the ppl and the environment here. We are like family. Reporting to few top bosses before this, made me well-known to every department.. Hehehe..

This place is very close to my heart and I will surely miss being around here, one day! Huhuhuh..