Friday, June 06, 2014

Happy 9th work-versary!

Tomorrow, 7th June 2014, mark my 9 years working with my current employer! Yeahh.. I settled down here. Dari bujang sampai beranak pinak di sini! Hahaha..

To be honest, I did try to find better offers after 2 years working here. Biasa la tu kan.. But then, that was when I got myself engaged and married.. and got pregnant.. and delivered to two kids… So, it’s kinda hard to step out from here. The mission to hop to other places always postponed, till one stage.. I said.. Ok la.. kontrak sampai mati la di sini.. LOL!

Reminisce moments :







For the past 9 years, my lunch-friends always change from one to another. They will only stick for less than 2 years. Yeahh… ppl keep going out from my lives over here.. huhuhu… Anyhow, we are still keeping in touch. FB of coz! And currently, I stick to my BFF – Lin! Glad that we met each other. Banyak kimia! Hehehe..

Besides that, I’m comfortable here. I love the ppl and the environment here. We are like family. Reporting to few top bosses before this, made me well-known to every department.. Hehehe..

This place is very close to my heart and I will surely miss being around here, one day! Huhuhuh..


  1. Wa 9 years! Congrats, Just. Sukar tu untuk stay loyal kepada satu company. Hampir satu dekad. Wakaka. Surely ada tu yang offer kerja tempat lain. Harap your company counter offer la supaya gaji lagi malatup :D


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