Friday, July 25, 2014

Few days before Raya

We will be celebrating Raya in few more days. For this year, there are nothing much to prepare. Raya ala kadar saja. Sangat-sangat ala kadar.
Kalau last year, ada la jugak terasa mood raya sbb I was busy with baking raya cookies. But this year, I can't bake. Oven rosak! So, I only focus with the Popia Simpul Kasih. Alhamdulillah... almost all the orders sudah selamat di-deliver. So, kuih raya order je la. Tu pun, few types jer.. 

This year preparation list :

1. Baju Raya - harus la kann... This year pnya theme?? Tungguuuu... For guys, baru settle semalam. Mcm biasa, last minute shopping.. pok dpt harga murah. Hehehe.. For girls, mine sdh beli siap. For mom & daughter, sdh siap tailor. Besok collect. 

2. Kuih Raya - Done. Order dari kawan2.

3. Sarung sofa - Done. Beli semalam juga. Hehehhe.

4. Bahan2 masak - Well, macamana pun... kena juga masak sikit kan. Shopping not done yea! Huh?! Bila mau p shopping ni? Huhuhuhu...

So, that's my list. Simple-dimple jer..

Ermm.. this year, Iftar selalu di rumah saja except yesterday and today. Yesterday, Iftar with BFF. The best Iftar ever! Hahahhaa... We went for last minute shopping and by the time we finished shopping, all restaurants were fully reserved! So, we just bought drinks and only managed to get a table after half an hour. Heheheh... 

 Hmm... Let's wait for early-go-back announcement today..

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