Friday, September 05, 2014

Mom ~ removal of lump

I was on leave yesterday and day before.. Beloved mom has to go though minor operation to remove a lump at the back, just under her waist.

Actually, mom already aware of the lump existence bout 3 years ago. Its movable, like jelly and no pain. However, mom noticed that the lump is getting bigger recently. So, we went to see doctor. As expected, the doctor issued a referral letter to the hospital. Her appointment with the doctor at Hospital Ampang was last July. 

The doctor just touched at the area and said, don't think there's anything serious, operation for lump removal is not a must. Hmm.. Anyhow, we don't want to take any risk. So, we decided to go for the minor operation. It is just a day care procedure. 

So, we reached hospital as early as 8am on Wednesday. Upon registration, proceed to mom's bed and mom was asked to change her clothing. 

To our surprise, mom was wheel-chaired to the operation hall at about 8.50am! That was super fast for government hospital! While waiting, both me and brother had our breakfast at the hospital cafe.

Gambar hiasan

Just as targeted, mom was out from the operation hall an hour after that. We were glad to see mom's smiling face. Mom straight away wanna change her hospital-gown. She was doing great and doesn't look like someone yang baru saja dibedah? Well, thats what we call minor-procedure, rite?

It took them an hour to settle the discharge thingy! Haih! Taking medicine from the  pharmacy also an issue. I have to back to the day care unit for them to re-order the medicine, so that the pharmacy able to track their system, I guess!! Haihh.. Anyway, everything settled bout 12.15pm.

Half day at the hospital for a minor procedure... not bad la kan?! How fast is fast do you expect? Kikikiki...

Apa-apa pun, mom is doing great. Active as usual. I pray for your good health mom! We love you!! 

Tiba-tiba emo la pula.. heheheh...

Happy weekend in advance ppl... It's our ladies outing this Sunday! Ahakss... 


  1. Moga kau punya mom sihat sentiasa ! :)

  2. Your mom ada kstau ka rasa sakit ka apa after operation? Mudahan dia get well soon.
    I want to ask my 2 sisters to check too, they have lumps d lengan bawah siku.

    1. Mmg teda sakit langsung ni.. sebelah petang baru rasa berdenyut2.. And next day, ada rasa nda comfortable.. tapi, nda la sakit.. Better suruh your sisters p check la.. Hope nothing major..

  3. Replies
    1. Ya Stel! Aktif sampai bikin risau ni.. hehehe

  4. sis Just, hope ur mum will recover soon. wah siok ada ladies outing. sa ni nda tau la bila dapat yumcha sama girlfriends sa..huhu

    1. Thanks sis! Alaa.. outing p menyukat itu shopping mall ja ba bkn travel pun. Hehehe... Ba, buli diatur baitu.. sekali sekala ba kann.. :D

  5. Still ampang the best gov hosp ever yg sa penah masuk d semenanjung ni.. hihi

  6. I have a lump area lengan..kecil but you can feel it when you touch it..after giving birth la br consider utk buang..


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