Thursday, September 18, 2014

My 1st 10km Run - Lion Parkson Run 2014

Being passive students during schools time, I never involve in any sports activities. To be honest, I never dream of participating in any kind of runs in my entire life. Sampai macam tu sekali ke-pasif-an diri ini.. kekekeke..

Lately, when my FB was flooded with friends’ running man photos, plus pic ‘geget’ medal… sgt2 rasa tercabar. I asked myself if I can do it. Can I finish a 10km run???

Bila ada geng, benda yang mustahil jadi tidak mustahil.. betul kan?? So, me and my bff registered ourselves for a 10km run for Lion Parkson Run 2014 event. An event to raise funds for Banting Home for Handicapped & Mentally Disabled Children.

The 10km route
We have about a month to prepare ourselves for the run, yet.. we didn’t really prepare ourselves to the max. Not until the last 1 week. I started jog at home.. keliling dalam rumah bila anak2 sdh masuk tdur. Hahaha..  5 days before the event, me and my bff decided to buang tabiat.. panjat tangga ofis 11 tingkat! But, we did it for 2 days only.

We were already wet before the run starts

Finally, the event took place last Sunday. It was raining for hours that morning. The event started an hour later. From 7am dragged to 8am. I almost gave-up. Thought that I won’t be able to make it to the finish line.

Left : Run started
Right : 7km check point

The route was kinda hilly. So, quite challenging jugak for newbie like us. I guess the 2 days panjat-tangga-ofis sangat2 helpful. Gonna continuously do it. Heeee…

With BFF's ex-colleagues
Harus la semua tayang gigi & medal kannn... hihihih..

Guess what?? We were actually walking all the way from starting to finishing line. Hahaha! At first, we thought of running after the 7km-check-point.. Unfortunately, tapak kasut pula almost tertanggal!! Grrrrr… So, yeahh.. walking will do la. Yang penting, habis run.. err.. walk! Kikikikiki…

Nda puas2 'geget' itu medal! Hahahaha...

The best part, sampai ja finishing line… tapak kasut terus tertanggal! Hahahhaa… Anyway, we did it nonstop for 1hour 35mins! The feeling was awesome! Super-proud of myself! And we are eyeing for next run! Terlebih confident! Hahahaah…


  1. chaiyokkk...chaiyokkkk... nda buli kita paksa sampai buli....kekekeke

  2. wow..thumbs up sis Just! sa pun macam tergerak hati mo ikut acara lari2 ni tp not for the time being la. next year kali la..tunggu ni luka cesar bagus dulu..

  3. Wahhhh siok oh sya tgk kamurang Just... Geget2 medal trus kamurang aa haha

  4. Congrats on finishing the race. I don't know exactly how tough it is so that's why I should just congratulate you wakaka.

    Tu gigit-gigit medal tu ba, wajib o kan.

    Happy Monday, tomorrow, Just!

  5. Next run, kalau jalan kaki sia kasi tinggal...hahaha

    1. mmg kompom kami tertinggal moy! Hahahaah


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