Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CT Scan

Phewww... penat sikit pagi ni... 

I went for a CT Scan at HKL before I rushed to office this morning. 

Paling tidak suka itu IV! Huhuhu
Oh btw, I need to finish that bottle before I had the CT Scan.
Taste sangat tidak sedap... grrrr...

The process took less than 15mins.

Before that, I had a minor operation last Friday, 24 Oct 2014. The day-care-procedure is sort of biopsy procedure. 

For the 20-mins-LA-Procedure, I have to stay at the hosp for half a day.
A big thanks to my BFF for the company that day! I owe you a lot my friend!

Let just wait for the result before I rant further k. 

Till then, pray for me kio! 


  1. what happen? ini untuk susulan yang hari tu kah?
    hopefully semua ok .

  2. hope everything went well ya!


You're 'bout to corner... ;p