Thursday, October 16, 2014

Step A of going back hometown..

Its been more than 2 months... tapi, baru sekarang rasa mau share..

At the moment, PJJ with hubby. He is now working in KK. 

To be honest, I'm ok with it. Tapi, kesian sama anak-anak. 

"Mamy, bila daddy balik?" 

"Mamy, koko ingat daddy la."

Those questions are killing me!" Huhuhuhuh...

Of coz, the decision to be apart for time being is not easy. But, I convinced him that everything will be ok with us over here. Besides, it's the best for long term. Coz, the whole idea is to going back hometown for good! Sounds great huh?!

Well, actually we tried the idea before. Eventually, he only managed to stay  in KK for less than a month. Sebab takut pisang berbuah dua kali, we decided to ship the car back too KK as well this time. So, yeahh... we are damn serious with the idea. 

Muat ka tidak ni barang-barang mau kasi sumbat dalam tu kereta??

Muat okey!! 

The car shipping charges from KL to KK (door to port service) is RM1,800 (for MPV). I think this is the cheapest charges that we managed to source. 

For details, pls visit Just for my record actually.

Ok, kids, daddy is coming home next week! Tananggg kamurang!! 


  1. yeah! back for good! bagus lagi di tempat sendiri ba kan sis? :) kesian tu budak2 cari daddy dorang..huhu..

    1. Ya baa... lama betul sdh stuck d tmpt urg ni... hehehe..

  2. Yang penting kita bertanang...tananggggg... haha!

  3. Dui'ui gia.. Xpa, jia you jia you! Sakit2 dulu la kan untuk kebahagiaan long term. May everything works out well and smoothly. Amin..

    1. Thanks sis! For long term happiness, terpaksa laini berkorban.. huhuu..


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