Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Pink Charity Run 2014

It's October! 

Feeling guilty for not updating my blog. Haih!! Nothing much to blog. Just routine. 

But, this one... has to be published. For my record...

A last minute offer to participate The Pink Charity Run on 28 Sept 2014, which took place at Setia Alam. The run was organized by Hospital Pantai Klang.

So, yeahhh... I ran for the 2nd time. And this time, 12km! Phewwww...

The route

Guess what... we were already sweating by the warm up session before the run. Belum lari sudah penat! Huhuhuu...

Morning face kaannn... huhuhu

Here we go!

The weather was good. Unfortunately, just after we started the run, my BFF's shoe pula mau tercabut tapak! Grrrrrr... Since it's a long way to go, we chose to walk slowly. 

'Geget' 2nd medal! Yeayyyy..

With BFF - Only 2 of us this time

We finally reached the finishing line after 1 hour and 45 mins. Pancitttt!!

Need to work harder for our next run in 3 weeks time. Fuh!!

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  1. Wah, macam addicted suda mo lari-lari oh ok ba, bagus utk kesihatan jg tu.. thumbs up!


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