Tuesday, November 11, 2014

MAKNA Founder's Night Run 2014

3rd run! And it was my first night run.. Not really run, due to my condition.

Nyway, registered for the run a month before and of coz before the bad news.. Despite whining, I decided to proceed with the run walk. Life goes on kan, no matter what.. 

The 10km route took place at Presint 6, Putrajaya

We were kinda worry with the bad weather for the pass few days before the event. Hujung tahun.. biasa la, hujan seja. In fact, it was raining heavily few hours before the event start. Luckily, time run tu tidak hujan. Phewww...

For this run, one of the gang joining along, Tunung. But, she joined for the 15km run, which started 20mins earlier than us, me & Lin. Memang tidak jumpa pun along the way sampai la finishing line! Hahahaa.. 

Geget medal tu harusss... hihihih
Myself ranked 821 out of 951 runners! Timed 2.08 hours.. Fuhh..

Macam biasa, we had fun along the 10km walk... talk & laugh.. 

Before balik rumah, supper dulu! Lapar hokey... My first ever cheese nan! Hahaha.. Nyummy!

Personally, I think.. night run lagi best! Hihihi..

There will be no run activities for temporarily. Operation day is round the corner + recovery period. Pray for me guys..


  1. selalu mcm rasa mau ikut marathon begitu tp angan2 ja lah. pigi jogging petang2 pun kena paksa laki baru bgerak hihi

    1. hehehe... mau ada geng jg ni barang ni. kekekeek... sy pulak aim tu medal spy kasi habis run. Hahaha..

  2. Siok malam kan inda panas..sa langsung x perna ni ikut walk or run..

    bila ur operation? Will pray that everything will go well

  3. hmm...ya bah klu ada geng bagus tu kan. motivasi kunu :) hope everyhing will be ok ya Just. stay strong!


You're 'bout to corner... ;p