Friday, January 30, 2015

The Operation ~ Mastectomy!

Haluuu… I miss my blog so very much! Unable to update my blog during my MC period. Huhuhu..

How are you?

Well, I am sure you all are safe & sound!

As for me, “so far so good”... that’s my answer to everyone.

Oh yaa.. I have started work on Tuesday after 2 months MC. Feeling great!

I got lots of stories to rant here… Maybe we should start with my health condition…

25/11/14 – Admitted to HKL for surgery which has been fixed a month ago, 26/11/14. However, due to bad rashes on the affected area (right breast), the original plan for a simple surgery cannot be done. It was no longer a so-called direct surgery.  Dr Hakim gave me two options.

A – Chemotherapy for 3-4 cycles before operation.

Option A is totally not in my list. I can’t proceed with chemotherapy when I have so many things to be settled.

B – Operation on the following week which will involve the Plastic Surgery’s team. They need to do skin graft or free flap, depending on how severe my case is. Tampal kulit / tisu dari bahagian paha / belakang badan / perut???? And the operation will take about 5 – 6 hours. I was like ???!!!! It was totally beyond my imagination. I was stunt… I was speechless… I was all alone without anyone by my side!

It seems like that’s the only choice I have at the moment. Can I say NO??

27/11/14 – Discharged from HKL and to be readmitted on 2/12/14.

3/12/14 – The operation’s day!

8am – Sent to the OT. Thanks to BFF for being there early in the morning!

3pm – Conscious and the first thing I felt was the pain in the left thigh. Feeling relief at the same time coz it means the wound is not that severe. Imagine kalau bahagian perut yang kena ambil??!!! The pain must be 10x worse than the thigh! Phewww…

My BFF told me she has been following up the OT’s ppl on my status since 12pm. She was informed that the operation was a success at about 2pm. Immediately, she notified my mom and hubby. I actually asked my mom to come to the hospital about 4pm. So, basically, the operation took about 5 hours. 

5pm – sent to the Plastic Surgery’s ward. Earlier, I was admitted at the Surgical Ward. The minute I came out from the OT, I saw my mom, kids, bro and my uncle were waiting outside. I know my mom must be worried and relief at the same time. Since mom has to take care of the kids, she can’t stay at the ward. So again, I was all alone that nite and nites after. Taking care of myself.

Other than my family, Kak Zizah, my colleague was my 1st visitor after I was sent back to the ward.
Considering my operation done at 2pm, this photo taken 5 hours after the operation.
How do I look?

My first nite at the ward.. Tahan kencing sampai pagi! Hahaaha.. I can’t get up from the bed. Baring sampai pagi. Lagipun, masih mamai. Kesan ubat bius masih ada. I got nurse to assist to pee on bed, the first thing in next morning. Punya malu!! Huhuhuh..

My husband? Since we will be going back to KK end of Dec, I told him that I will be okay and no need to fly over. People say, I’m strong! Am I?? Huhuhuhu..

I guess I have to continue with the hospitalize story in next entry. 10 hari punya cerita dalam wad ok! Phew…

Anyway, hope it’s not too late to wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2015!! Till then..


  1. Hi Just. You are one brave N strong woman. Get well soon ah. God bless u.

  2. Hi sis Just! Wah, i miss ur blog too :) harap2 sis dalam keadaan baik skarang take care kio!

  3. You are a strong woman. I hope you are doing good there. My prayers are with you :)

  4. U r one tough woman.. Get well soon ya.. jangan stress...

  5. U r such a brave lady... Take care and will keep praying for your good health 😍

  6. get well soon ya. and then boleh p berjual-jual lps sembuh. :)


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