Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WW ~ Mastec Wound

Alang-alang share pasal mastectomy Part1 & Part 2, so kasi up saja la pic..
Dari keluar wad Day 10, Day 14 baru berani tengok the wound betul2.

Mom was the one helping me with the dressing on the mastec area.
The first day mom did it sambil mata berkaca2!
In fact, mom helped to bath me on the very first day at home
Macamana mau mandi sendiri kalau right breast & left thigh ada wound.. *sigh*
Touching sangat2 bila mom yg kasi mandi.. *teary eyes*

Thanks mom!! Love you to the moon and back..

As for the thigh, I did the dressing myself.
Menangis gila2 bila first time buat the dressing.
I was like.. "kenapa la saya yang kena semua ni?"
Tiba-tiba macam tidak boleh terima..
Glad that I overcome the negative thoughts after that..

Thanks to all your prayers! God bless you all..
Stay strong Just!!

Friday, February 06, 2015

Mastectomy Part 2

For Part 1, click here.

Day 1 Post-Op (4/12/14)

Mom came in the morning and took care of me the whole day. I forced myself to get up from the bed. I need to go the toilet myself. At least, mom was there to assist me. The breast was ok. The thigh, which they call it as the donor site, was kinda pain specially when moving around. Macamana pun, kena juga bergerak. Baring saja pun not helping at all kan. Tapi, tidak la aktif sangat.

By noon, I can see mom was tired and bored. Mom mmg tidak boleh kalau duduk saja without doing anything. Kesian pula tengok dia macam tu. She has to go back home at 9pm. My kids were waiting for her. My bro mmg fail jaga kids. Haiyaaa…

I ensured mom that I will be ok and asked her not to come the next day. Besides, we were staying at my uncle’s house for a month. Since my uncle pun busy with his laundry biz, segan juga mau kasi susah orang kan.

Day 2 Post-Op (5/12/14)

The thigh was wet. I have to get the nurse to change the bandage few times. It was not comfortable at all.

Mom & uncle visiting, however kids were not allowed to enter the ward. Huhuhu…

Day 5 Post-Op (8/12/14)

First dressing for the mastectomy area. For info, nothing was done to the wounds until the 5th day. Guess what??! The dressing includes removing some of the human staples??!! Gila!!! Honestly, it was not that pain. Tapi, ngilu la. Phewww… According to the doctors & nurses, the skin graft was nicely done.

The thigh was ok. No more wet.
The so-called human staples
The skin from the donor site were stapled on the mastec wound..
Source : Google

Oh goshh… punya boring dalam ward!!! BFF brought novels for me.

Day 7 Post-Op (10/12/14)

Daily dressing for the mastectomy area & removing the remaining staples on the wound. Was on my high pitch-ouchh for 3-4 times I guess. Ada staples yang terdalam sampai kena tulang! Huhuhuh… 

The thigh was still bandaged thou.

Big hugs to all the visitors - family, colleagues & friends
Some are not in the pic

Day 10 Post-Op (13/12/14)

Finally, undressing the donor site. Mmg nervous. Macamana la bentuk dia tu kan.. Tengok skjap saja dengan ekor mata. Takut pula mau tengok. Terus rasa longgar lutut tengok the wound. Huhuhu.

Punya merah kann?! Tidak sanggup mau tengok. Huhu..
Oh.. I'm not sure what had they done on the circled area.
Terbuka tu jahitan kann.. Maybe banyak sangat bergerak. Hmm..
Believe it or not, the mastectomy area pun, even thou hari2 buat dressing, I dare not to have even a glance on the wound. Bukan tidak dapat terima the fact. Tapi, takut pengsan pula. Huhuhu. Tapi, sampai bila tidak mau tengok the wound kan. Tengok pun asal tertengok. Dengan ekor mata juga. Kalau tadi lutut rasa longgar, sekarang lutut rasa bergegar. God, give me strength.

I was allowed to discharge on the same day when everything is ok. I was all by myself remember. So, bila dapat bill, sendiri la bejalan p next block bayar bill hospital. Kalau hospital private, standby la at  least RM15k. Hospital government charged you less than RM500! I'm talking about 3rd class ok.

After 10 days being grounded, best nya kena matahari! LOL

Alhamdulillah… everything went well. Rasa macam hidup untuk kali ke-3. Surely will live life to the fullest after this.. Still considering whether to share the mastectomy area pic or not.. hmm…

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

WW - Kids in uniforms

Rayyan Adrian - Sk Kepayan Standard 1
Ryanna Adrilea - Tadika Hwa Shiong 5yo

Mommy miss you both so very much!