Thursday, April 30, 2015

First Medal of the Year!

It feels soo good to run again after resting myself for few months.. even though, I walked more than run. Hahaha..

Participated in CXP Run 2015 organized by Taylor College on 19/4/15, which was held at SS15 Subang Jaya.

We were lucky that the Run started late as we were caught in half an hour jammed! It was early in the morning ok! Yet it was jammed?! Well, there was an accident on Federal Highway. Hmmm...

Nyway, most of the runners were among the college student themselves. Some points for consideration, if the college is to arrange the same kinda event in future :

1. The start & finish archway!
2. Need safety cones specially at the highway
3. To consider RELA too
4. When we finished our run, 2 hours after flag off, the gardenia & milo lorry were no longer at the college compound. Hmmm..
5. Can we have better quality of medal??

Anyway, water stations were sufficient and I heart the running tee in terms of the size.

The route

Lari2 di highway! 

Us & medal

Next run will be on 9/5/15...

Happy Labour Day & Wesak Day to you guys! I'm goin' to Penang! Yeehaaa...


  1. Hey Just!!!!
    Nice to see you and your medal. Congratulations for being the finisher. Honestly... Sa nda larat lari bgtu jauh T_T


You're 'bout to corner... ;p