Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Love.. Doo Manager!

I wanted to blog about my Pangkor Trip, but maybe I should wait until next week. As I said in my earlier entry, my blog domain is going to expire this Friday. I'm not really sure what will be happening to this blog. I guess I'll just do the backup and hoping that I won't have to create another new blog. Huhuhu..

Btw, are you watching the Korean drama, My Love From The Star, airing on 8TV every Mon - Fri at 8.30pm now??

Ohh boy... Did I ever tell you that I'm not a Korean-stuff person? Can you believe that I never watch the Winter Sonata drama, when everyone were talking bout that back in 2003 if not mistaken? However, I did drag myself to watch Autumn in My Heart & Full House.

Do Min Joon & Cheong Song Yi
Starred by Kim Soo Hyun & Jun Ji Hyun

It's been ages since my last Korean drama series, thanks to my roomate, Sis Mouren, whom successfully 'poisoned' me to sit together and hooked in front of TV watching Doo Manager! Arghh... I hate his cool look but at the same time loving it too! LOL

Due to over-excited, I have finished the whole episodes of the series via Drama Crazy. Punya semangat! Can't get enough of Do Min Joon laa!! Hahaha..

I suddenly feel like years younger!! LOL...


  1. Kihkihkih....skrg ganti cter apa moy?

  2. The moon that embrace the sun pun siuk moi. Ada tu si kim soo hyun sana cerita


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