Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Schooling Session 2015

Just came back from Pangkor. Indah kabar dari rupa. Haihh.. Will share about it next time. I need to rant bout my kids schooling session this year.. for my future records of coz.

When we planned bout the back-for-good idea, the kids’ schooling thingy need to be in place first.


Had registered my lil girl for her 2nd year kindie at Tadika Hwa Shiong. Just next to my apartment in KK, Putatan to be exact. The registration was done by my BFF, Julie in March last year. Thanks Julie! RM50 being the registration fee  + RM180 being the first month school fee (Jan 15). Totally no hassle for Ryanna’s school.

A week before school starts, we went to the kindie to settle the school fees and collect the uniforms. Paying approx.  RM600 for that. Phewwww….

Schooling session same as previous kindie, 8am to 12pm. As for the first week which was the orientation week, the schooling session only for 2 hours daily the entire first week.

She was ok at first

Ryanna’s first day… we were so surprise that she eventually cried! Haha.. Her classroom is upstairs. We went down for a while and when we came back, I saw her worried-looking-face. She kept on looking outside trying to look for us, I believe. The minute she saw me, she cried and wanted to come out. Oh dear… tried to persuade her but failed. Brought her to toilet as she claimed that she wanted pee. Sent her back to the classroom, yet she was still crying. No choice, we left her crying and went downstairs. *sigh* Luckily she already stopped crying half an hour after that.

Kesian betul tengok dia nangis... huhuhhuhu

2nd day, she didn’t cried but she forced us to wait for her outside the classroom. She kept on looking outside, just to make sure we didn’t go anywhere.

When Rayyan tailed along... Happy betul Ryanna!

Glad that she was ok 3rd day onwards. She was sitting quietly at her place. Unlike at home, she is the one giving us ‘sore throat’! LOL

Transportation : we are lucky that one of Ryanna’s classmate is staying on the same block with us. So, boleh la kasi tumpang. RM30/month.


Still frustrated up till now! I wish we have had planned it earlier. *sigh*

Due to last minute registration, Rayyan was placed at SK Kepayan. Earlier, we actually registered him at SRJK Chung Hwa, KK, my ex-school.  Even though my husband managed to get approval from MOE for the school transfer to SRJK Hwa Shiong, next to Ryanna’s kindie, due to ‘full house’, the school asked us to follow up for the relocation, which we didn’t managed to! Long waiting list! *sigh*

I wish I could do something about it. Is it too late for relocation now? Haihh!!

Nyway, Rayyan was doing great on his 1st week schooling. In order to identify which class he has to enter, he had to sit for Diagnostic Test on the first day schooling. Reading ABC, suku kata & simple words. He did it excellently and was placed in the 1st class out of 6 classes. 1 Rafflesia it is.

Kelam kabut sikit time ujian tu.. Dun think the teachers are well prepared.. hmm..

Nope, he didn’t cry. Just sitting at his place quietly. That’s my boy. The first 2-3 days, we waited him outside his classroom and brought him to the canteen and let him made his food / drink purchase. Most of the foods (kueh, nugget, sausage, mini sandwich) are selling at 2pcs for RM1. Drinks at RM1 per cup. So, average daily pocket money at RM3.

Rest time!

He is good at making friends, but not at asking his friends’ name. Calling them as ‘kawan’. Haha! Actively and happily running around the school compound with his new friends. Hmmm…
School fees + books.. approx. RM200.

The small pic - captured Rayyan was chit chatting with his friends.. hmmm...

Transportation : Met this family who were waiting for their son which is also in Standard 1 and they are staying in Kinarut. Means, they will be passing by my house area. Boleh la kasi tumpang. RM60/month.

Ok! I’m done with this finally! Hihihi…


  1. adoi...gerun juga tengo tu school fees nowadays. Especially kindies (omg!)

    1. Mmg kindie cina mahal owhh.. last year bila dua2 dorang kindie, sandi jg byr the fees bulan2. Blm lg awal thn & tgh thn pnya fees. Itu yg sy mau c rayyan msk skolah cina tp x dpt pula... Huhuhuh

  2. Tu Kindie punya registration memang bikin pening kepala kan moi. Syukur next year sia teda suda yg tadika semua standard suda. Next year budget sia semua +6% GST..grrr!


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