Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WW : Draw & Express

When Hubby whatsapp me the above pic yesterday...
I feel like a stab right on my heart!
Can you understand what's Rayyan trying to express?

1. Daddy & Exora went back to KK
2. Rayyan, Ryanna & Daddy staying in KK. That's the guard house entering our apartment
3. That's mommy's office in big city, KL. Mommy has to frequently fly back to meet us in KK

I didn't know my Rayyan will express our current situation through his drawing
I feel like I'm such a selfish mother, am I?? *sigh*

Mommy feel you my son!
Mommy miss you all too
Mommy will try my best to gather with you all asap!
*teary eyes*


  1. berjauhan sama anak2 memang sengsara tapi sabar la moi..

  2. awww...sedih oh tingu lukisan si Rayyan.. tapi sabar la Just.. nda lama lagi kamu mimang akan bersama tu...

  3. Wow I drew something like this before, I mean of course a different situation, but something like this. Maybe it's just a drawing but Rayyan's serious about it.

    Well, hope all goes well okies?

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. hai sis. just dont be sad. the son is missing u like how u miss them..


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