Monday, May 25, 2015

Travel Expenses - Penang

My budget for this trip was RM300 - RM350. So, am still under-budget la kan??!
I don't really shop when I travel except FM is a must.
But, I already has Penang's FM. So, no FM this round.
I hope the table will guide you all if you plan for a budget trip to Penang.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Bagpack is ready for a flight on coming Wednesday! Don't you think I'm being very very very excited here?! Even though it is not a passport-required trip, which i still hoping there is one for this year... But to go back to hometown and hug my kiddos is all I need the most now! It's been 3 months. I miss them a lot! Everytime my husband or my bro whatsapp their photos, i miss them more and more. Wait for mommy, kids!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 3 : Penang Trip 1/5/15 – 3/5/15

Day 1 (click here)

Day 2 (click here)

Day 3

We were behind schedule. Scheduled la sangat… hahaha… There were few more places in the list before we go back to KL after check-out on Day 3. Again, I failed to visit Fort Cornwallis on my 2nd visit here. Hmmm…

We went for early breakfast at Roti Canai Transfer Road, without the kids. Sorry kids! Boleh la the kids bangun lambat.  Hehehe…

Btw, it took us about 30mins to get to Transfer Road by feet! Hahaa.. Jauh juga la kann… Pagi2 still banyak energy. Hehehehe..

Roti bakar + telur mata... not my taste
Roti canai.. love the curry!!

After breakfast & tapau for the kids, we proceed to Chowrasta Market – the famous place for jeruk-lovers. Belum buka lagi! So, we shopped at the outside’s shop. My friends were having fun testing the jeruks. Hahaha. The owner pun baik hati.

Buah Pala kering

Lia went back to apartment, while Lin & I made a quick round at the Armenian Street, before we went back to the apartment.

Love the building architecture

While Lin prepared her kids, Lia & I went down for street arts hunting. We only have 1 hour for our mission. So, cycling is the best idea! We test-cycle before we paid RM10 for each bicycle we rent. No time limit pula tu. I was so not confident with the idea at first, but still we proceed. It’s been 15 years ok! Oh boy!! Punya la takut sama kereta sampai sekejap2 brake pakai kaki! Muahahaha…

Overall, managed to cover some famous street arts and we had so much fun!

Love the compound of the apartment
Sgt old skool!

Back to apartment & check out.

We thought of having lunch at Nasi Kandar Line Clear but we just can't bear to queue under the 'smiling-ear-to-ear' sun! So, we decided to have our lunch at Nasi Kandar Pokok Ketapang before we took CAT bus to ferry terminal even though we still have 2 hours before our bus departure scheduled at 5.15pm. So, we just lepak at the ferry terminal. Takut terlepas bas. Biar awal jangan lambat.

Ferry Terminal

Another long journey! 7 hours journey from Butterworth to KL with 2 pit-stops! Mannn… No more bus after this! Hahaha..

Moral of the story, no more travel during peak season! Huhuhu… the cycling & ETS journey made this trip meaningful. Of coz the time we spent with each other!

I seriously need to repeat Penang trip in future. Hmmm…

Travel expenses will be revealed next! Wanna guess the damaged cost??

Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 2 : Penang Trip 1/5/15 – 3/5/15

Day 1 (click here)

Day 2

Check out as early as 9.30am, we took bus no 101 again to Georgetown. We asked the bus driver to stop us at any junction that nearby to our 2nd nite stay, An-Nur Ancasa Express Apartment, located at Jalan Kampung Kolam, within the famous Masjid Kapitan Keling, Armenian Street & Ah Quee Street.

It seems like an old school which has been transformed to an apartment

After settled with our early check-in and placed our bags at the reception area, we thought of having our breakfast at the recommended food place, Roti Canai Transfer Road. Macam dekat tapi jauh. Hahaha… After walking for almost half an hour, we decided not to look for the stall, we had our brunch at Restoran Nasi Kandar Pokok Ketapang. Huhuhu..

Managed to capture some street arts
Street arts hunting is a must in Penang

Thereafter, proceed to the nearby bus station, took the CAT bus – free shuttle bus in town area. Stopped at Komtar & took bus no 204 to Penang Hill. Bus fare RM2.

This might be useful for those travelling by bus in Georgetown

Clean & systematic bus terminal

Bila bosan dalam bas!

Guess what?? It took us one and half hour to reach Penang Hill!! Goshhh… Sudah la berdiri dalam bas!! And the sad part was, it was raining when we reached there!! Sandiii kannn…  Sakitnya tuh di sini!!

The rain, the us & the crowd!!

Even though it was raining, people were still queuing to purchase train ticket. Long queue as expected and we decided not to proceed. After photo session, we left Penang Hill dengan hati yang kuciwa! *sigh*

Again, we have to go through terrible jam, so instead of droppin' at Komtar, we chose to drop at somewhere near Komtar. Waze & Google Map indicated that the walking journey should be about 15-20mins from GAMA mall to our Apartment. Unfortunately, we lost! HP, either out of battery, hang or out of coverage! We decided to walk and walk. When we bumped into two ladies in nursing uniform, I quickly catch them. They both were so generous and led us the way. It was a big round we made!! Grrrr..

Anyway, we decided to go for dinner first. If we are to go back to the apartment, I 100% sure we won’t be going anywhere else. Penat ok! So, dinner was at Restoran Kapitan, as recommended by the apartment reception. Less than 10 mins walk from the apartment.

Claypot Chicken Briyani

To us, the food, Claypot Chicken Briyani so-so saja. The service was bad. Unfriendly crews & slow service. In fact, I cancelled my supposed-to-tapau cheese-naan. Hmmm.. This restaurant, gave me same impression as the Restaurant Zam Zam in Singapore. Mentang2 ramai recommend…

The living hall & kitchen area

Back to apartment. EXHAUSTED!!

Long queue at the Nasi Kandar Beratur! 
One of the recommended eating places..

By the way, the apartment is very basic! Nothing is provided. No toiletries. No kettle. If you need anything, most of the items are chargeable at RM5 if not mistaken. We named it as Hotel 5 Ringgit! Hahaha… Location wise mmg ok. Can fetch CAT bus in front the hotel. To avoid stuck in the jam, we prefer walking. In case you plan to stay here, please get ready RM150 for a refundable deposit.

Stay tuned for Day 3..

Friday, May 15, 2015


McD for lunch today...

P/s: trying blogger app..

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 1 : Penang Trip 1/5/15 - 3/5/15

Been busy! Huhhh…  I better post something bout my Penang trip before I got myself carried away with the moving-files thingy. Pindah department! Department cleaning la apa lagiii..

It was my 2nd trip to Penang.

We planned the trip a week after our Pangkor Escape. This time they wanted to bring along the kiddos!

It will be long weekend during the trip, so we need to do the booking earlier, both hotel & bus/ETS. Yup… ETS - Electric Train Service!

To make it short, here’s the journey schedule…

Day 1

6am : ETS KL – Ipoh (2h 20mins). RM35 Adult / RM22 Child. Ticket purchase a week earlier. Comfortable!

Some view along the way...

8.20am : Arrival at Ipoh. Took taxi to Terminal Amanjaya. 20mins drive. RM25/trip.

12noon : Bus Ipoh – Butterworth (2 hours 30 mins). Bus originally scheduled at 11am. *sigh* I advise you to book online! Much cheaper! The bus fare supposed RM15+ adult / RM11+ child, however we have to pay for RM25 (both adult & child) at the counter. It was peak season! Lousy bus we had! Grrrr…

At Butterworth, we straight away purchased our returning to KL bus tix. Takut pula habis tiket bas. Butterworth-KL, Plusliner bus RM34.60.

3.15pm : Ferry Butterworth – Georgetown. About 20mins journey. Ferry fare RM1.20. Btw, ferry from Georgetown to Butterworth is FOC. The only issue is the machines only accept old coins! But of coz you can change for new coins at the counter. The ferry has been improvised since my first time ride in 2012. It has sitting area for passengers at the centre.

3.45pm : Bus from ferry terminal to Batu Ferringhi. Bus fare RM2.70/passenger. Bus no 101 to Teluk Bahang ya! It was quite jammed in Georgetown. Took us an hour to reach Batu Ferringhi.

Penat pun tapi tetap tunjuk muka ceria! LOL

We stayed at Mutiara Apartment. Pre-booked via A 3-bedrooms apartment with balcony. RM230/nite. Ok la kan? Plus, walking distance to the beach & nite market.

Feel homey!

Had our late lunch, headed to the beach. Sempat beli beach pants. Heheh.. The kids enjoy themselves so much. I wish I can bring along my kids. Huhuhu… Unfortunately, Lin’s son lost his hp. Hmmm…

Love the sunset!

Back to apartment before we went out again for dinner & jalan-jalan nite market… No photos at nite. Huhuhu...

Exhauted… ETS - Taxi - Bus - Ferry - Bus... Luckily, the kids were all giving good cooperation to the low-energy moms. Hehehe...

Day 2 coming next...

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

WW : Street Arts @ Penang

Little Children on a Bicycle mural in Armenian Street, George Town
One of many murals by Lithuanian artist 
Ernest Zacharevic..

It feels so cooooolll to cycle & hunt for street arts in Penang!!

First time cycling after 24 years! Can you imagine?! Hahahaha..