Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 3 : Penang Trip 1/5/15 – 3/5/15

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Day 3

We were behind schedule. Scheduled la sangat… hahaha… There were few more places in the list before we go back to KL after check-out on Day 3. Again, I failed to visit Fort Cornwallis on my 2nd visit here. Hmmm…

We went for early breakfast at Roti Canai Transfer Road, without the kids. Sorry kids! Boleh la the kids bangun lambat.  Hehehe…

Btw, it took us about 30mins to get to Transfer Road by feet! Hahaa.. Jauh juga la kann… Pagi2 still banyak energy. Hehehehe..

Roti bakar + telur mata... not my taste
Roti canai.. love the curry!!

After breakfast & tapau for the kids, we proceed to Chowrasta Market – the famous place for jeruk-lovers. Belum buka lagi! So, we shopped at the outside’s shop. My friends were having fun testing the jeruks. Hahaha. The owner pun baik hati.

Buah Pala kering

Lia went back to apartment, while Lin & I made a quick round at the Armenian Street, before we went back to the apartment.

Love the building architecture

While Lin prepared her kids, Lia & I went down for street arts hunting. We only have 1 hour for our mission. So, cycling is the best idea! We test-cycle before we paid RM10 for each bicycle we rent. No time limit pula tu. I was so not confident with the idea at first, but still we proceed. It’s been 15 years ok! Oh boy!! Punya la takut sama kereta sampai sekejap2 brake pakai kaki! Muahahaha…

Overall, managed to cover some famous street arts and we had so much fun!

Love the compound of the apartment
Sgt old skool!

Back to apartment & check out.

We thought of having lunch at Nasi Kandar Line Clear but we just can't bear to queue under the 'smiling-ear-to-ear' sun! So, we decided to have our lunch at Nasi Kandar Pokok Ketapang before we took CAT bus to ferry terminal even though we still have 2 hours before our bus departure scheduled at 5.15pm. So, we just lepak at the ferry terminal. Takut terlepas bas. Biar awal jangan lambat.

Ferry Terminal

Another long journey! 7 hours journey from Butterworth to KL with 2 pit-stops! Mannn… No more bus after this! Hahaha..

Moral of the story, no more travel during peak season! Huhuhu… the cycling & ETS journey made this trip meaningful. Of coz the time we spent with each other!

I seriously need to repeat Penang trip in future. Hmmm…

Travel expenses will be revealed next! Wanna guess the damaged cost??

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