Friday, June 26, 2015

Last 'Red Flag'

It has been 2 and half years, since my last menstrual in Dec 2012. Thought that I will be able to enjoy full-30-days fasting this year. Again, it's a mission impossible. Been visited with the 'red flag' two days ago. Hmmm... It's a surprise. It's frustrating.

Anyway, this might be the last menstrual in my entire life. Who knows?! Maybe I should just enjoy it. LOL

Till next update.. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Tip of Borneo, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Kudat

After my uncle’s wedding reception at Kampung Kalibungan Rosok, Kota Belud on 30/5/15, we proceeded to Kudat. It was an unconfirmed trip actually. Hub & I talked bout it but the plan was not confirm until we reached Kota Belud.

It was 2 hours journey from KB to Simpang Mengayau.

From main road, took another 20mins to Simpang Mengayau. Jalan kampung, tidak ber-tar. Kiri kanan ada lalu rumah bercirikan etnik rungus.

Macam biasa, the kids memang happy berlari sana sini!

Selfie ja la..

Photo captured at 5.22pm

It was amazing! No words to describe the feeling to be on Tip of Borneo. I wish we could stay longer to catch for the sunset. Unfortunately, we have to drive back to KK. So, we only spent bout 1 hour there. I wish I have captured more photos, but no I don't... *sigh*

The only photo with hub. He was too tired and rest in the car while we explored the Tip. Huhu..

Journey back home was bout 4 hours with few pit-stops. Poor kids & mom. Exhausted to the max!

Next destination in Sabah that I wanted so much to be is Sandakan.

Anyway, thanks to hub for the trip!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Aki Quake, Mud Flood & Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan to all Muslim’s family & friends. It’s my very first time fasting without immediate family around. Just when I woke up for sahur this morning, I received whatsapp text from hub. I felt kinda emotional & burst into tears for a secs. Huhuhuh…

May this Ramadhan showers us with bountiful blessing and peace throughout the Month. Aminnn…

I am sure all of us are aware of the earth quake hit Sabahan’s most precious jewel, Mount Kinabalu. It was and it is still beyond imagination! I was getting ready to office on Friday, 5/6/15 when my family group in whatsapp & FB timeline were updating bout the tremor. Knowing the epicentre was the Mount Kinabalu himself, it was indeed shocking news ever!! Am not going to rant bout the nudist here. Thanks to all our heroes, the guides & porters; who I believe have risked themselves to save all the climbers up there! To all victims, may your soul rest in peace. Condolence to all families. Up till now, the tremors are on and off. Ppl are traumatised!

Ever since the earth quake, I’ll be more emotional whenever I come across Mount Kinabalu’s photos or anything related to Mount Kinabalu. Sayu saja tu hati… huhuhu…

It will never be the same donkey ears peak anymore!

badly damage!

I heard there will be new route for climbing activities. Honestly, I really hope for another climb in near future.

A week after the quake, the villagers at the foot hill (Kg Kiau) was hit with mudflood!! Oh my!! What’s happening over there? 

Stay safe Sabahans!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Radiotherapy - Induced Menopause

A month after the major surgery which was somewhere in January, i had an appointment with the Oncologist.

The Oncologist consulted the following :

1. 6 cycles of Chemotherapy; or

2. Continue with new medicine. The current Tamoxifen pills are no longer effective. However, in order to prescribe me with new pills, I have to be induced-menopause first!

What is the process to be induced menopause?

A. Minor operation to remove the 'telur' (immediate & can start with new pills asap); or

B. Radiotherapy 4x. Blood test after 1 or 2 months to monitor 'telur'. If confirmed menopause, then only will start with new pills.

There are thousand types of pills and every pills will be observed closely if they suit me well. Hmmmm...
  1. Induced Menopause Directory. Menopause is the end of a woman's menstrual cycle and fertility and is a normal condition that all women experience as they age. It occurs when the ovaries no longer produce estrogen and progesterone, two necessary hormones for a woman's reproductive cycle to function.
I got freak out hearing doctor's explanation. Removal of ovaries??? So, at that time, i told doctor i need time to decide which treatment to proceed with.

After 5mths, Decided to go with option #2B - new pill & radiotherapy. Has recently completed my 4x radiotherapy (9.6.2015 - 12.6.2015) in HKL. Feeling good so far. 

I guess I will be experienced all these??!! Hmm..

Can't imagine myself going thru the chemo again. Chemo might be the best treatment, however there are so many factors to consider before making any decision. So, radiotherapy it is. Done this before.  Of coz different targeted area. This time, pointed from top & bottom angles.

Anyway, I should have not delay any treatments on the first place. I should have done it right away mths earlier. I believe the cells are still there. I can feel them.

Giving up?? I don't know. Just follow with the flow. I am not sure how long i can stand. I am not sure how far my journey is. I am not sure if i can wait till my children grow bigger. But, one thing for sure I have done my very best for my beloved children and family. If it's time, i'll go with satisfaction. The kids will be in good hands.

Moga Allah permudahkan semuanya dan panjangkan umurku. Amin..

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

KK - Quality Time with Kids

Having thought that I will be definitely going back KK for Raya, i thought of not going back to KK during mid-term school holidays.

Flight fares during school holidays of coz la pricey plus I have to sort out my leaves. Thanks God i managed to grab affordable flight fares for pre-school holidays and i made sure my prorated leaves are enough for raya.

Reached KK at 1am on Thursday morning (28/5). Had a short chit chat with mom before i went to bed. Woke up early coz i need to catch my chicky daughter before she leaves for school at 7.30am. Oh.. My kids are sleeping with their grandmom.

Just when i opened the door, Ryanna was facing me. My mom was working with Ryanna's hair. Ikat rambut baa.. Both Ryanna's lips & eyes turned big O while she  gave me her hands; wanna hug! Oh i miss my lil girl!

Same goes with Rayyan.. He woke up and he saw me at the living hall, he ran to me and gave me a big hug. Padahal pandai malu sudah dia kalau kena peluk2 sekarang..

Oh dearrrr!! How I miss them so much.. Am i being such a selfish mom? If you only know my situation here kids!

So, I spent my first day in KK having quality time with the kids. Noon, accompanied Rayyan waiting for his car at the gate. Then, waited for Ryanna to return from school. Her classmate's daddy will drops her on our floor's lift coz they are staying at 7th floor on the same block. Later in the evening, went down at the gate waiting for Rayyan. I find myself enjoyed doing it. Rasa puas hati!

The kids are getting taller!

Oh! The kids sangat manja.. Minta perhatian saja. Ryanna c mulut murai. Balik² bawa main doll. 
Rayyan c pemalu balik2 tagih soalan maths. Hehehe..

Kalau balik KK, tidak p mana² pun tetap puas hati. Coz spending time with the kids is all I want.

Eventually, we attended my uncle's wedding reception at Kota Belud anddddd... I finally step feet at the famous Tip of Borneo, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Kudat! Another check list ticked! Stay tuned...

Monday, June 15, 2015

9 to 5 Run

Oh my.. I have few stories pending to shares..

Few thing happening lately.. 

1. Had my second run
2. Went back to KK for a week
3. Completed 4x radiotheraphy

Ok let's talk bout my 2nd run this year took place on 9 May 2015 in Putrajaya. 

It was drizzling when PM giving his opening speech and we were worried if it's getting heavier. To our surprise, the rain stopped few mins after we started ran.

Despite the non-dry fit running-T given to runners and no goodies bag distributed after the event, we were all happy with the medal designed. Since we were getting non-dry fit running-T, we thought that we will be getting ugly medal.. Opsss... Ended up, we were happy runners!

Not to mention, this was our first time running event with the 4 of us - Lin, Tunung, Lia & I, even though we only gathered after the finishing line. Tunung with her 20km, yet she finished earlier than us - 10km. Lia was with Lin & I  on 1st part of the run.

Myself ranked 747 out of 936 runners! Timed 1.59 hours.. Hahahaa.. 

We even had our breakfast together with Lin & Tunung's misters after the run.

Hope there are few more runs after Raya as we haven't register any run yet. Huhu..