Monday, June 15, 2015

9 to 5 Run

Oh my.. I have few stories pending to shares..

Few thing happening lately.. 

1. Had my second run
2. Went back to KK for a week
3. Completed 4x radiotheraphy

Ok let's talk bout my 2nd run this year took place on 9 May 2015 in Putrajaya. 

It was drizzling when PM giving his opening speech and we were worried if it's getting heavier. To our surprise, the rain stopped few mins after we started ran.

Despite the non-dry fit running-T given to runners and no goodies bag distributed after the event, we were all happy with the medal designed. Since we were getting non-dry fit running-T, we thought that we will be getting ugly medal.. Opsss... Ended up, we were happy runners!

Not to mention, this was our first time running event with the 4 of us - Lin, Tunung, Lia & I, even though we only gathered after the finishing line. Tunung with her 20km, yet she finished earlier than us - 10km. Lia was with Lin & I  on 1st part of the run.

Myself ranked 747 out of 936 runners! Timed 1.59 hours.. Hahahaa.. 

We even had our breakfast together with Lin & Tunung's misters after the run.

Hope there are few more runs after Raya as we haven't register any run yet. Huhu..

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