Tuesday, June 16, 2015

KK - Quality Time with Kids

Having thought that I will be definitely going back KK for Raya, i thought of not going back to KK during mid-term school holidays.

Flight fares during school holidays of coz la pricey plus I have to sort out my leaves. Thanks God i managed to grab affordable flight fares for pre-school holidays and i made sure my prorated leaves are enough for raya.

Reached KK at 1am on Thursday morning (28/5). Had a short chit chat with mom before i went to bed. Woke up early coz i need to catch my chicky daughter before she leaves for school at 7.30am. Oh.. My kids are sleeping with their grandmom.

Just when i opened the door, Ryanna was facing me. My mom was working with Ryanna's hair. Ikat rambut baa.. Both Ryanna's lips & eyes turned big O while she  gave me her hands; wanna hug! Oh i miss my lil girl!

Same goes with Rayyan.. He woke up and he saw me at the living hall, he ran to me and gave me a big hug. Padahal pandai malu sudah dia kalau kena peluk2 sekarang..

Oh dearrrr!! How I miss them so much.. Am i being such a selfish mom? If you only know my situation here kids!

So, I spent my first day in KK having quality time with the kids. Noon, accompanied Rayyan waiting for his car at the gate. Then, waited for Ryanna to return from school. Her classmate's daddy will drops her on our floor's lift coz they are staying at 7th floor on the same block. Later in the evening, went down at the gate waiting for Rayyan. I find myself enjoyed doing it. Rasa puas hati!

The kids are getting taller!

Oh! The kids sangat manja.. Minta perhatian saja. Ryanna c mulut murai. Balik² bawa main doll. 
Rayyan c pemalu balik2 tagih soalan maths. Hehehe..

Kalau balik KK, tidak p mana² pun tetap puas hati. Coz spending time with the kids is all I want.

Eventually, we attended my uncle's wedding reception at Kota Belud anddddd... I finally step feet at the famous Tip of Borneo, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Kudat! Another check list ticked! Stay tuned...

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  1. Sia pula yg emo baca ni post ko moi apa lagi pasal tu reaction c Ryanna sama Rayyan lepas nampak ko (T_T)


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