Friday, June 19, 2015

Tip of Borneo, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Kudat

After my uncle’s wedding reception at Kampung Kalibungan Rosok, Kota Belud on 30/5/15, we proceeded to Kudat. It was an unconfirmed trip actually. Hub & I talked bout it but the plan was not confirm until we reached Kota Belud.

It was 2 hours journey from KB to Simpang Mengayau.

From main road, took another 20mins to Simpang Mengayau. Jalan kampung, tidak ber-tar. Kiri kanan ada lalu rumah bercirikan etnik rungus.

Macam biasa, the kids memang happy berlari sana sini!

Selfie ja la..

Photo captured at 5.22pm

It was amazing! No words to describe the feeling to be on Tip of Borneo. I wish we could stay longer to catch for the sunset. Unfortunately, we have to drive back to KK. So, we only spent bout 1 hour there. I wish I have captured more photos, but no I don't... *sigh*

The only photo with hub. He was too tired and rest in the car while we explored the Tip. Huhu..

Journey back home was bout 4 hours with few pit-stops. Poor kids & mom. Exhausted to the max!

Next destination in Sabah that I wanted so much to be is Sandakan.

Anyway, thanks to hub for the trip!


  1. Kami pun dulu mau tgu tu sunset but mmg x sempat ni.. Huh..patut kami stay overnight bh kan.. Tp x bawa baju ni.. Unplanned journey jg km time tu.. Sandakan? Wah siok jg mau p makan seafood murah

  2. Lamanya sya tiada pigi Kudat.
    Siok oh tgk kamu enjoy


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