Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Raya 2015

How’s Raya everyone???

I just started working this week, after 2 weeks leaves. Hehehe.. Having great time with family. 

Perhaps I just summarize la. Too busy to rant. Huhuhu..

1 Syawal (17.7.2015) – Tg Aru & Kg Kelatuan, Papar

Thanks MIL for the baju raya for my kids this year! 
Yeayy.. royal blue for this year..

2 Syawal (18.7.2015) – Kg Pengalat & Kg Kelatuan, Papar

The cousins!

3 Syawal (19.7.2015) – Kg Kelatuan, Papar

Naaa.. not cousins but lil uncles & anty! LOL

4 Syawal (20.7.2015) – Kuala Penyu

Visiting my grandparents sambil2 tengok tanah my mom.
Thanks RISDA for the bibit getah!

6 Syawal (22.7.2015) – Ranau

Kouchung kacang tanah!!!
And my dearest daughter struggling with makan-mi-pulas-plastik! Hahahaaha

Kinabalu Park

Kg Luanti, Ranau
Entrance fee : RM5 (A) RM2 (C)

9 Syawal (25.7.2015) – Labuan

Ferry from Menumbok to Labuan
Departed at about 6am from home (Putatan) and still managed to catch the 8am's ferry! Oh hubby!

The last minute plan is due to celebrating my nephew's bday.
Happy birthday Zhen Zhen!

10 Syawal (26.7.2015) – Returned KL

Part of the idea was for the family sending me to the Labuan's Airport!

I bet my kids had so much fun.. enjoying themselves to the fullest. Meeting cousins & new friends everywhere we went.

Till then... ciaooo...


  1. Selamat Hari Raya to u & family Just... comel anak2 ko pakai baju raya...siok ko bercuti 2 minggu oh kan....sempat lg pi labuan..hehe...

  2. Hello Just, I can see you and family had a wonderful hari raya. I enjoyed looking thru all the pics, very well those rambutan trees. Looks like the colour theme for the hari raya was blue. Very nice. And you looking good.
    Have a nice day,

  3. Mcm 2 hari ja tu 2 minggu kalu cuti sama anak2 & family kan moi..


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