Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Black Out Again!

Again.. Means more than once. *sigh*

Ranted bout this before (click here), which was in 2009?! Phewww…

Can’t really remember if it happens again after that but it happened early this year.  Meaning to say, it happened twice this year. Pecah record!!

Early this year, I knocked my forehead. Minor cut. The recent happened 3 days after I returned from KK which was on 29/7/2015, it was the worst compare to previous records.

Standard-normal sympton when it happens; stomach ache & ‘nature calling’. Blackout before or after stomach ache + nature calls. Went to toilet and the next thing I knew I already screaming for help. I was bleeding on the eyebrow. Had a deep cut right under the eyebrow and minor cut at the nose. I had to clean myself before get out from the toilet. My roomate was waiting impatiently outside. SIL sent me to HKL.

8 + 1 stitches!

Guess what... We spent approx 6 hours before we can go home. Mainly due to the blood test result. Gosh!! Anyway, the x-ray & blood test were ok. I was then given 5 days MC.

How I wish this will be the last black-out! *sigh*