Monday, September 14, 2015

Re-visiting UPM after 12 years!

Wanted to share bout my so-called Merdeka’s getaway, but I’m more excited to rant bout UPM! Hahaha…

Since graduated in year 2002, went to UPM again the following year to attend my cousin’s convocation. Since then, I never visit UPM anymore. Padahal, stay KL saja pun! Makin dekat tempat tu, makin tidak kesampaian. *sigh*

Lepaking with my aunt last Saturday. To my surprise, she wanted to ‘explore’ the routes to UPM. Waaa… punya excited!! It’s been 12 years ok!

Signage towards PALAPES
I can’t describe how I feel as soon as we reached UPM’s compound. I was happy. I was excited. At the same time, sedih & syahdu pun ada. I missed those days. I might be passive most of the time. Yet, I enjoyed & treasure all the friendships and hardship to complete all assignments & tasks. Mixed feelings!

After all these years, the faculty still looks the same.
There were a lot of changes in the campus. However, my faculty – Fakulti Bahasa Moden & Komunikasi remained as it is; except additional of rest area at the end of lecturer’s block. The bilik kuliah is getting old from outside. I can imagine myself, being one of the freshies standing outside the dewan kuliah with naïve-looking-faces. Hahahahah… Those were the days huh?! 

The only bilik kuliah that I miss damn much!
Maybe becoz most of the classes were held at this room back then
Oh my! Those benches are antic! 
I wish we could enter the kolej kediaman & other faculties’ area, but we are not allowed to. Huhuhu..

Some throw back entries :

My Bodyguard
My Matrix Card
My Bed

I feel oooold! Hahaha..


  1. Siuk mengimbau kenangan ka moi, hihihi!
    last sia masuk UKM tahun 2011 tapi selalu terlimpas di luar.


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