Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jalan-Jalan Merdeka – Port Dickson

Jom sambung citer yg sudah basi ini.. Haihh.. Part 1, klik sini.

After breakfast at our hotel, we thought of going to the Upside Down House in Melaka. (Ada rupanya Rumah Terbalik di Melaka?!) But, then, we skipped that and headed direct to PD.

Anyway for info.. the Upside Down House details as following :

Address : G12 &G14, Jalan PM7, Plaza Mahkota, Bandar Hilir
Operation Hours : 10am – 6pm (Mon-Thurs) / 10am – 9pm (Fri-Sun & PH)
Entrance Fees : RM15 (A) / RM10 (C)

On our way to PD, we stopped by at Masbro Village. The unique and colorful design of the ‘mini resort’ should have been inspired by the huts at Brighton Beach in Melbourne. Terus teringat citer Kusinero Cinta. Alaa.. citer lakonan Aaron Aziz, Jericho Rosales & Tiz Zaqyah tu.  

Image source : Google
The mini resort looks very attractive from the photos we seen from FB & internet. But when I reached the place, I was like.. “ini jer??” Betul2 tepi jalan.. Lokasi agak kureng kot and view pun x brp nak best. Oppss.. terlebih sudah!

Dari tepi jalan.. macam ni la rupa dia..
Kat belakang tu ada lagi under construction..
After done with our lunch at PD, we entered PD Ostrich Show Farm. Before that, we were considering to enter the Alive 3D Art Gallery and another rumah terbalik (Upside Down Art Gallery) in PD too.

From outside, mcm kureng menarik.. So, we skipped these two!

From the net, people were having great time taking photos inside both 
Rumah Terbalik in Melaka & PD
Unlike Sabah's, visitors were not allowed to take any photos inside the house previously.
But I heard now, there is a corner inside that you can take photo.
Somehow, I still prefer Rumah Terbalik Sabah. Coz betul2 rumah sebiji tebalik! Hehehe..

So, instead of those two above, we chose Ostrich Farm. The entrance fee is RM8 (adult) if not mistaken. Hazim, Lia’s son had fun wandering at the park.

After that, the mission to hunt for hotel began! It was a last minute plan to overnight in PD. Gosh! It was National Day’eve ok. We went to Eagle Ranch Resort first. Unfortunately, we were late by few seconds. The last available room was taken! Arghhh… Otherwise, we will be staying at one of the Tepee!

Image credit here
Macam best je kalau dapat stay sini
Finally, we managed to secure a room at Mesra Hotel. You can’t expect more from a shop-lot hotel. Yang penting, ada tempat tidur.

After refreshing & dinner, we headed to Dataran Teluk Kemang. Lepak2 layan ‘konsert’. Kalau artis yang perform, mesti lagi gempak! Tiba-tiba rasa muda balik. Lama x lepak2 mcm ni. Hahahaha.. Tunggu smpai habis bunga api, then blk hotel tdo!

Malam Ambang Merdeka 2015 @ Dataran Teluk Kemang
Next day, before back to KL, Lia was hunting for Melaka’s gula Melaka, last minute order by the sisters. Since we can’t find it in PD, we had a u-turned and made all the way to Pengkalan Balak! Cari pasal betul la! Lucky we found them. Phewww…

Pengkalan Balak
More or less feel dia mcm kat Pangkor plak..
Headed back to KL with peace of mind. Kunun! Hahaha..

Siap jg entry ni.. huhuhu..

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