Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fit Malaysia Run 2015

After almost half year, I finally ‘run’ again!

It was my first run after induced-menopause. I am pretty sure that my stamina is not as good as before. Definitely, I will walk more than run. Hahaha…

The Fit Malaysia Run took place at Dataran Petaling Jaya, Padang Timur supposed held in Sept, eventually postponed to 15 November 2015. We thought that the event will be cancelled. It was a free participation anyway. Haha…

No running-T provided. Free maaa... The bib has time chip tho’. Medal for finisher is the main target. Hahaha!

4th medal of the year

Muka gilerr penat..

Since the run started off at 8am, Lin and I were struggling to the max to finish the run. It was hot and the uphill route was tough. Plus, there were only 2 water stations. The first station was after 5km+! They don’t have enough isotonic drinks for those behind! Sigh.. Surprisingly, we finished the run at the same time frame as our previous runs! Hahahah…

We met Tunung at the Finish Line. We can never beat Tunung! She is fast! Fuhhh…

Another run next week...

Friday, November 20, 2015

Ryanna on Stage!

How I wish.. How I wish.. How I wish I can watch my lil cutey performing on stage for her Children's Graduation & Concert Day held at Port View Palace Hall, Tg Lipat on 10 Nov 2015.

She did teach me the dance steps when I was in KK for Rayyan's birthday end of Oct tho'.

I can't stand it for not be able to be around them for their big day. It's a moral support & motivation for our kids. Rite?!

With Class Teacher, Ms Chung

I will definitely be there for her on her graduation day next year.
Still feeling frustrated up till now and even worst coz I didn't make it for Rayyan too. Will rant later..

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WW ~ Beach

Tg Aru Beach
24 Oct 2015