Monday, December 21, 2015

Ice Watch Night Run 2015

The last run event of the year held on 5/12/15 at Shah Alam. Night run punya pasal, bayar lebih sikit pun sanggup.. Hhuhu..

It was our (Tunung and I) first 'walking' activity ever since the Avon Walk in 2012.. Oppss.. to exclude DC of coz. Hahaha.. Lama tidak bergether-gether berdua sama Tunung these days. Thanks moy sbb jadi pacer sya.

Lucky, there is no time chip for this run. Otherwise, Tunung would have leave me running alone. Hahaha.. 

The organizer provided each participant with 2 pcs of the glow sticks but those sticks didn't really glowing. Expired sudah kali. Hahahah... I actually bought 2 packets of glow sticks at DIY. RM1.50 per pack of 3 pcs. Murah kan?? Rasa-rasa tidak cukup, beli lagi di PKNS. RM4.20 for 5-6 slim-glow-in-the-dark bracelets. Tapi, tidak glowing pun.. haizzz...

Heart the medal!
Anyway, we had nice 'walk' that nite. Till next run next year!

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