Thursday, January 07, 2016

Back to School 2016 vs Expenses

Back to routine and it’s my first post for 2016!

Let start with Back to School! Hahaha..


Always started off with Ryanna coz I think hers is more direct. Hahaah..

My lil Ryanna is now in her final year Kindie at Tadika Hwa Shiong (Class A6). Paid RM475 for her books and all, for 1st half of the year. Uniforms, still can wear existing uniforms. Otherwise, another RM30 per set. The monthly school fee has increased from RM180 last year to RM220 this year. Since she will be sitting for an assessment in August this year to enroll in SRJK (c) Hwa Shiong next year, I registered her for Chinese subject tuition; RM50 per month for half an hour, twice a week. Hope it will help her improving her Chinese. School bus, still tumpang her classmate aka our upper level neighbor. RM30 per month.

Class session is 8am to 12pm daily.

In summary, monthly commitment for Ryanna will be RM220 (mthly fee) + RM50 (tuition) + RM30 (car pool) = RM300


We decided to move Rayyan from SK Kepayan to SK Stella Maris, mainly due to transportation and school performance. However, we did not manage to secure SM Stella Maris. Sighhh… PPD moved him to SK Tanjung Aru 1 instead. I was hesitated at first. Knowing that the school is one of the Top 10 for best UPSR performance last year, I hope Rayyan adapt comfortably in his new school.

Paid RM73.40 for his Tahun 2 registration. Pending RM20 baju sukan, RM4.50 nametag & RM30 PIBG. After looking at his result, the Penolong Kanan placed him in the first class which is 2 Genius out of 4 classes.

After 2 days of observation, I would say that I am satisfied with SK Tanjung Aru 1 compared to SK Kepayan, in terms of the students, discipline, teachers & canteen. The students are better-behaved. The teachers started classes instead of instructed the student to do colouring for 2-3 weeks??! The canteen offers variety of foods.

Btw, the school only has 1 session which is 7am to 12.20pm every Mon-Thurs and 7am to 11.20am every Friday.

Here comes the best part… hunting for school bus! There are not many school buses wiling to cater from our house area. We have to go over to SK Stella Maris to ask around and finally we found one. I tried to nego but that’s the standard rate. Looks like we don’t have choice. Rm120/mth it is! Phewwww… Mahal gila!

In summary, monthly commitment for Rayyan will be RM120 (school bus) + RM4 daily pocket money x 20 days = RM200

As for buka-sekolah-shopping...


Black shoe = RM27.90


Shoe = RM33.90

Long Pant  = RM22.90 x 2 (No need to buy shirt coz the previous school did gave them free uniforms before school holidays)

Singlet = RM6.90 x 2

Trackpant = RM15.90

Sock (for both of them) = RM12 for 5sets

Total for Rayyan = RM142.40

Not much of stationary shopping as they already have plenty. Buli buka kedai stationary sdh.. Hahaha..

The shopping amount definitely will double up next year! Huhuhuh..

Till then… 

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  1. Moy....happy new year! ini first komen dr sa utk ko..ehehehe... wow, details oh ko punya kira-kira..bagus jg kan supaya bule dijadikan rujukan..adeh, tp nnmpk gaya every year school fees akan meningkat oh (gigit jari)... isk isk....


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