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Day 1 (24/12/2015) : KL - Hatyai – Krabi

We finally decided to fly from KL to Hatyai on 24/12/15. Flight ticket purchased a week before departure. Sbb very the last minute, the ticket was RM160/trip of coz.

Even though flight pkl 4pm, pkl 9.30 pagi lagi dah kluar rumah. Naik tren ke Terminal Bersepadu Selatan and targeted to ride the 11am bus to KLIA2. If we missed the 11am bus, the next bus is 12.30pm. So, biar awal jangan lambat. Peak season kann.. macam2 boleh jadi. So, sempat la lunch dulu kat KLIA2. Sempat layan korea lagi sementara tunggu kapal. Hahahah…

Dalam kapal, flight attendants akan distribute Arrival Card/Kad Putih. So, sila isi. Kad putih selitkan dalam passport. Tau la pegawai imi Thai tu buat apa. Hehehe..

Alhamdullillah, selamat tiba di bumi Thailand, Hatyai to be exact at about 4.15pm waktu Thai. Thai is one hour earlier than Malaysia. Means, Malaysian time was 5.15pm laa..

Eventhough the above stated 320 Baht/car, the lady in the counter asked for 340 Baht
Malas mau argue.. huhuhu..

We looked for taxi counter at Hatyai airport. We need to rush to Hatyai bus terminal to catch bus to Krabi. Paid 340 Baht per trip for the taxi. Kalau dulu, 340 Baht  = RM34. Skrg, sila darabkan dgn RM12 ye, bkn darab RM10 lg. Huhuhuh..

Our first photo in Hatyai!
The taxi driver dropped we all kat lorong belakang bus terminal. Stop je terus angkut beg we all and pass dekat someone which is one of the agent counter opposite the bus terminal. That guy kept on saying Krabi.. Krabi.. bus... now.. When I asked how much is the fare. He said 369 Baht. Mmg sah tipu! Minivan to Krabi only cost us 250 Baht the max la. Dah buat research la bro! We took our bag and headed to the terminal.  Semua orang pandang we all mcm alien! Haha.. Cuak juga laa!
Above : The taxi counter is the yellow one
Left : Our taxi
Right : The passenger.. hehehe..

We saw a counter stated Krabi, Phuket.. So, I asked the lady at the counter. Bus to Krabi departing now. The fare is 167 Baht for adult and 104 Baht for child. Tanpa buang masa, beli je la tiket bas. Another 4 to 5 hours journey to Krabi! Sampai Krabi harus la dah gelap gulita. Oh myyy…

Left : The only photo of the bus terminal captured
Right : Again.. the passenger.. heheh

Nasib baik dapat seat depan sekali. Yang belakang, semua kaum kerabat dorang. Waaaa… Sempat beli air mineral sebelum naik bas. 15 Baht sebotol. Mahal kot ek.. tp standard la kalau kat terminal bas.

After about 2 hours, bus stopped at Trang for toilet breakie. Tak beli apa pun kat mart tu. After a total of 5 hours journey, the bus dropped us at road side somewhere in Krabi Town! There are 2-3 guys asking for our destination. Haihhh… scary giler!

Our bus & the mart @ Trang

We showed them our hotel booking slip, this one guy said the hotel is at Ao Nang and asked for 300 Baht. Mau tipu la tu! Cisss.. We wanted to make it quick so I asked for 200 Baht for him to send us to our hotel which is located at the town itself. It was actually a ‘kereta sapu’, bukan taxi pun! Kereta pula park di lorong gelap. Aduiiii… Mmg berani-takut tahap gaban!

Once again, Alhamdulillah… selamat tiba depan hotel dalam masa 15 minit kot. The hotel owner was very friendly. We didn’t even pay the hotel room on that night as we were short of Baht currency. My friend has yet to go to money changer.

We thought of hunting for halal café, but it was already late. Most of the shops were already closed. My friend’s son also not feeling well. So, for the first nite, we only share a maggi cup and coffee. Nasib baik la ada bawa maggi cup dr KL.

Tidak sempat pun survey island package for the next day. Haihhh... 

That’s it for 12 hours journey of Day 1! Kluar rumah pkl 9.30 pagi, sampai hotel about 10.30mlm! Phewww…

Till Then...

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