Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 2 (25/12/15) : 7 Islands Sunset Package (Taming Island)

And we were ready for our 7 Islands Sunset Package tour…

Honestly, I mixed up all the islands. Over excited kot! Hhuhuhu… I hope I got the name correctly after made some references at Mariam Travel & Tour website.

We have to skip Poda Island, Tup Island & Chicken Island since we refused to pay 400 Baht for the national park fee. Huhuhu...

Let the photos do the talking from now on...

1pm, tuk-tuk picked up from Ao Nang beach to Ao Nammao Pier, which took about 40mins ride.

At jetty after registered to get snorkeling gear
Small boat before transferred to big boat

Thats the big boat

Amazing view!

Was sitting at the upper deck at first while my friend & son at the lower deck

1st pit-stop : Taming Island

Berendam sekejap saja punn... hahaha

Upper deck

Next island coming up..

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